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I laugh when you are crying and say inside you're dying [14 Jul 2008|03:54pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Gahhhhh!!! I don't know why, but I'm in such a fit of rage today. Last night I was cranky and now I'm downright... well, infected with rage. Like in "28 Days Later". Did anyone see any crazy monkeys around here?!

I'm really hoping that it's a sign that my period is about to come back. I do NOT want to get those hormonal tests, because that means more doctor visits and doctor bills on no insurance. Bah. Fuck that.

Today at work was Just Reduced day. Every Monday we have to scan aaaaaallllll the merchandise on the floor to see if the price went down. For each piece, it goes down a month. But for some reason every FUCKING tag from July 9th WOULD NOT FUCKING SCAN!!! I was getting so mad. I very nearly threw the stupid snic on the ground and was gonna pretend it was an accident. Everytime you CAN'T scan the shit, you have to manually put in the division number, the model number, and the four-digit number that distinguishes tags from each other. OMG I was so pissed. I remember thinking about how some people can see auras, and if anyone walked in the same room as me, they'd probably go running for cover. Yeah. I was THAT pissed.

I still am, but at least now I'm not at a boring as fuck job where the time is dragging on and on and on and fucking on.... Here at least I can have my music, my movies, my books, my Internet. All that stuff is gooooooood. Oooo I could even take a nap! Mmmm...nap.

This is my third day reading Twilight, and it feels weird because the last few books I read I finished in 2 days, or 3. If I don't finish it tonight I'll get super-impatient and want to hurry through it. Maybe I'll read some and then get reeeeeally tired and then fall asleep and stuff....idk lol.

But gahhhh I don't know about this. Vampire love stories can never end well lol. Unless the vampire becomes human, but...I only liked that the one time in Angel. It made me cry :( Maybe in LJ Smith's books the vampire-human thing worked out...I can't remember though it's been YEEEEEEEEEAAAARRRRRSSS since I read those. And OMG I saw "The Vampire Diaries" at B&N and omg omg. IT HAD A NEW COVER!!!!!

Okay you're probably thinking I'm a spaz, but I thought all of LJ Smith's books were going out of print, and now..... there's A NEW COVER!!! I like it better lol.... but how sensible is it to re-buy the thing just cuz it's prettier?? Probably not very, but I so would...

Ahhhh I just got an email from my aunt. Here, you can read it :)

Hi Jackie,
The keychain you sent Ann (she received it today) is wonderful. I would like to hire you for a project. I need about 67 placemats with a family tree on it and fall colored leaves. It's for our Thanksgiving table at (hopefully) the Marriott in Livonia on Nov. 27th. I would like the placemats laminated. Is this something you would be interested in doing? I think I would, also, like a keychain for everyone but need to think that through a little more.

I'm gonna be hired again! Woot! At this rate I'm gonna have material for a whole new portfolio before I even get the first one printed!!

This news has made me happier. I'm gonna go before that changes, cuz I can still feel the fire inside....

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Twilight [14 Jul 2008|08:40pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Title: Twilight
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Copyright date: 2005
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
How many pages: 498
How long it took me to read: 3 days

Category: Teen Fiction
I learned about this book from: Ummm I saw it on the shelves at stores allllllll the time, but Molly was the first to recommend it :)
This book was purchased at: I borrowed it from Erica :)
Other books by this author: New Moon, Eclipse

Main characters: Edward and Bella
Favorite characters: Edward, Bella, Alice, and the rest of the Cullens
Least favorite Characters: ehhh Jacob bugs me, but perhaps I've been brainwashed lol Oh oh! The cover, don't like it :P
When and Where the story takes place: City of Forks, I can't remember the state though
Plot in a nutshell: Vampire-Human love story. I don't think I have to explain, everyone knows about it lol

What I liked best: I liked the tweaking of the vampire legend, that's always interesting. I also like the Cullens, how they came to be and such.
What I liked least: Um I guess... I didn't really have any problems, but Erica pointed out that this story is taken at face value, there's no underlying meaning, which would have been cool. But I'm not complaining, it's a great story.

What parts could you relate to: Falling down a lot lol
Would this book make a good movie?: hope so :)
Quote from the book that sums it up: n/a

Overall Rating: Innovative, interesting, romantic and suspenseful.... 2 thumbs up :)

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