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[23 Jul 2008|11:13pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I just got done watching an 2 hour long episode of Dateline ID. MAN are people SICK. Gahhh. This particular one was called "Young Lords of Chaos". I tell you, it's scary what charismatic people can accomplish *shudder*

Basically, what happened is, this guy Kevin became this huge influence to these younger kids. I THINK they were all teenagers, including Kevin, but I'm not sure cuz I had to work, so I missed the first 5 minutes or so. Anyway, he pretty much just... drew them in. You know on Finding Nemo how Dori and Marlin go wayyyyy down into the dark and are attracted to that really bright light and almost get eaten by a really scary fish? KEVIN was like that really scary fish.

First it started with small stuff, like knocking out windows, small acts of vandalism that barely got mentioned in the news, and when it did, it pretty much called them pea-brained schemes (I believe the word "pea-brained" was actually used). This of course, pissed them off, so they had to do something big.

There was a local building, quite important to the town, historically. It was a coca-cola building. I can't remember if it was a museum or what, but they broke into a garage, stole some gas tanks (or something, I can't remember the right word), and set the building on fire. THAT made headlines. They also planned to rob a Hardees, but somehow that got botched. (Dunno how, I was momentarily distracted).

One night they made a plan to bash in the windows of their school. BUT they got caught by the music teacher, who confiscated their stuff (latex gloves and tin cans), and promised them that they'd be dealt with. So what does Kevin propose they do? Kill the teacher, of course! It was sick, one of those kids was in BAND, so he worked with this teacher a LOT. He was the one to knock on the door and when the teacher answered, Kevin killed him with a shotgun.

They ended up getting caught, a few of the guys got life sentences--they avoided the death penalty by squealing on Kevin, who got DID get the death penalty. He, of course, was pissed and began plotting his revenge from the cell.

One news reporter felt drawn to this kid and began to write him. He was planning on writing a book on the whole thing after doing a few news stories about it (he was a reporter for the local paper). He and Kevin actually became friends and would talk about how they got off on thinking about committing murder, and all this chaos.

Together, they began to plot how to kill the kids that turned on Kevin. He really had it in for his best friend, who ratted him out. Right before they got arrested, Kevin turned to his friend and said "I'll see you in hell". He wanted this reporter, Jim, to dig a grave, bring the friend to it, and right before he shot him say "I'll see you in hell" so he'd get the message that this was all Kevin's doing.

Jim would talk about how his marriage was loveless and all that crap, how his wife was a control freak, a bitch, etc. His wife worked in a morgue, and Kevin offered to perform sexual acts on her and do a LIVE autopsy on her as well when he got out of prison. SICK SICK SICK.

Oh and get this, Kevin's MOM was in on all of this too. It's so screwed up. Jim ended up going to the prosecutor and telling him everrrythingggg. Now the mom is in jail for 5 years. Jim thinks he's on the top of her and Kevin's list, and I guess he has guns all over his house and stuff.

Jim said that even though he was pretty much friends with the guy, he felt no guilt about turning them in. He also said he was never sucked into Kevin's little fantasy. He apparently was always coherent. He finally decided to go to someone when the mother got involved. Idk though, I can see how he could very easily get sucked into the whole mess. I, however, want to believe that he was never there, that he always had his head straight.

This whole thing just pissed me off though. Because some punk ass kids got bored, that teacher was killed. His sister was being interviewed and she was crying. How fucking selfish do you have to be to just take the life of someone else??? Even if you COULD justify that they did you wrong, that person has a FAMILY, what did THEY do to you? The whole thing just sickens me.

UGHHHHHHH. It makes me wanna be a detective so I can lock ass holes like that away :P

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