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Book 25: Zombie Blondes [02 Sep 2008|05:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Title: Zombie Blondes
Author: Brian James
Copyright date: 2008
Publisher: Feiwel And Friends
How many pages: 232
How long it took me to read: I read this in a 24-hour time span

Category: Teen fiction/horror
I learned about this book from: Perusing the shelves at B&N, attracted to it because I recognized the cover art, and it had an intriguing title.

This book was purchased at: Barnes & Noble

Other books by this author: I think this is the only one so far.

Main characters: Hannah, the cheerleaders
Favorite characters: Hannah, Lukas
Least favorite Characters: The zombie peeps haha
When and Where the story takes place: A small town called Maplecrest
Plot in a nutshell: Hannah moves to a small town where aaaaall the popular people look alike, and Lukas warns her that they are zombies, but despite the warning she still tries out for the cheerleading squad....
What I liked best: The cover design is awesome, and I like the idea behind it.
What I liked least: The ending, I hated it, and I disliked the pessimistic quality of the whole thing.

What parts could you relate to: I was a cheerleader once lol....but GUESS WHAT FOLKS, in grade school, the cheerleaders were all the UN-popular ones :)
Would this book make a good movie?: yes it would.
Quote from the book that sums it up: n/a

Overall Rating: The whole point behind this book is "Conformity is death, and non-conformists shall be killed by conformity". The whole book reeks of that, down to all the cheerleaders changing their names to all begin with "M"...which pissed me off cuz I could barely remember who was who (yeah yeah that was the point, I get it). Also, it bothered me that you never got an explanation as to how this all started in the first place.

This started out promising, and it kept the foreboding feeling all the way through, but there still wasn't enough there for me.

3 mangled body parts out of 5 :)

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