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I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine.... [21 Sep 2008|12:11pm]
[ mood | awake ]
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Son on Tuesday, I was sitting in my living room, and my sister was across from me. She asked me if I had a bruise. I said "" Not knowing what she was talking about. She pointed out something on my shoulder. I looked down, still unsure of what it could be. There was a lump there, that was basically skin, with a slight discoloration at the bottom.

Honestly, my first thought was a tumor. Which isn't negative!! Erica, my nephew's gf, has a non-cancerous one on her leg. So I called her, and what she described back to me was pretty much what I had. I also asked around at work and such to get opinions. I heard bug bite, boil, cyst, etc. If it didn't go down by Friday, I was going to make a doctor's appointment. BUT I worry about EVERYTHING so on Thursday I scheduled it for the next day.

So guess what... I WAS RIGHT. It's a fatty tumor. It's nothing to be worried about, it's not dangerous. And it's not HORRIBLY noticable. My doctor thinks it looks like I have more muscle on my right side. I decided to name it Hank. And Hank is here forever until I decide to go see a plastic surgeon and have it removed. I guess a lot of people who do this are unhappy about the scar they'll get. Which, that doesn't really bug me at all. So I guess that's what I'll do when I can actually afford it. Bah.

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