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Book 33: The 39 Clues - The Maze of Bones [22 Oct 2008|05:56pm]
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Title: The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones
Author: Rick Riordan
Copyright date: 2008
Publisher: Scholastic
How many pages: 220
How long it took me to read: About a day

Category: Children's fiction
I learned about this book from: Target, and Chelsea talking about it
This book was purchased at: Chels got it for me from the library lol
Other books by this author: n/a

Main characters: Amy and Dan
Favorite characters: The kitty :D
When and Where the story takes place: Umm...the US, and Paris...I think.
Plot in a nutshell: Minutes before she died Grace Cahill changed her will, leaving her descendants an impossible decision: "You have a choice - one million dollars or a clue."

Grace is the last matriarch of the Cahills, the world's most powerful family. Everyone from Napoleon to Houdini is related to the Cahills, yet the source of the family power is lost. 39 Clues hidden around the world will reveal the family's secret, but no one has been able to assemble them. Now the clues race is on, and young Amy and Dan must decide what's important: hunting clues or uncovering what REALLY happened to their parents.
What I liked best: This was actually a fun and interesting story. And I actually got interested in the historical side of things. ME!!
What I liked least: Their family nemesis people....they were annoying.

What parts could you relate to: Well since I was a kid I always WISHED I could go on an adventure like this.
Would this book make a good movie?: Umm it'd probably be too much like Spy Kids, I think the book idea is much better.
Quote from the book that sums it up: n/a

Overall Rating: Even though this is a story for kids, I actually found it to be interesting, and a lot of fun!

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