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[27 Sep 2022|11:30am]


looking for a brendon urie, harry styles, shawn mendes, timothée chalamet or troye sivan for my joe jonas.
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[26 Sep 2022|07:34pm]


would someone be willing to play mgk or another guy for Travis?
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[26 Sep 2022|07:15am]


check the journal please
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[25 Sep 2022|08:01am]
Check the journal
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[24 Sep 2022|11:46pm]
hoping to find someone that would either play davey havok for me or me play him for someone, open to faces.
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[24 Sep 2022|01:57pm]


Something that starts as correspondence only? Maybe they live across the country, or one's in jail, or there's a historical setting where they've just got to send letters because they can't be together?

Basically just something heavy with building tension and wanting what you can't have right now. Smutty but from afar at first. Eventual meeting and mind-blowing passion but let's not rush that.

Open to kink, open to a/b/o or cboys or whatever.
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[22 Sep 2022|04:07pm]


bts members to smother with sarcastic love, and definitely filth. 🥺
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[22 Sep 2022|02:02pm]


I've had a Murphey kind of month, so I'm looking for something on the lighter cute good natured side.

Nothing really in particular that thought out. A few rough ideas to build from:

1. Slice of life happy cheesy domestic bliss

2. Fwb realizing there's more

3. Best friends catching the feels (would love gay/straight trope).

For an idea with a sprinkle more drama is number 2 or 3 whoopsie baby they had to deal with while growing closer as they do. A la "Knocked Up" style.

Open to most faces and most kinks. Open to a/b/o but not a requirement. Seeking Slash.
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long shot [20 Sep 2022|02:51pm]


would someone play pete wentz or william beckett for me?
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[17 Sep 2022|08:44pm]


I just finished A Tv Show and I have an insatiable urge to pb Matthew Gray Gubler.
Anybody up to do some plotting? Anything from slice of life to bloody slasher. Comments screened.
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[17 Sep 2022|03:30pm]


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[15 Sep 2022|03:05pm]


looking for something long-term and with depth. could be persuaded to join a community if we vibe.
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