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    Sunday, September 30th, 2035
    7:14 pm

    Tuesday, July 4th, 2034
    1:32 pm
    Name: Rebecca Thornwood
    Age: 18
    From: Monstropolis, Galador
    Occupation: Student, Slayer
    Powers/Abilities: Daughter of a fae and a slayer, Bex has the strength and agility of a slayer like her mother.
    Fandom: Freedomtown

    Bio: In what has, over the years, turned into point of comedy among her family and inner circle; Bex, the daughter of Finn Thornwood and an alternate, sweet and polite version of Faith Lehane, somehow turned out far more like the "original" Faith: smart-mouthed, flirty, rebellious, and with a 'no fucks given' attitude. She's a good person, but being her friend can try the patience of anyone.
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