Escaflowne, White Knight of Athens
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    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
    2:24 pm
    Application For All Out War
    Name: Jonathan Vincent Crossian
    Alias: Escaflowne
    Race: Seraphborn Seinken (Angel Deity, Mid Rank)
    Age: 97, (looks about 30)
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 220 lbs.
    Eyes: Ice Blue
    Hair: Black (White in Overdrive)
    Alignment: Good
    Allegiance: Athena

    Bio: An elite warrior from another world possessing immense strength and power, he was rescued by Athena and fell in love with her. In a desperate moment while almost dead, he ascended to godhood and became Escaflowne the White Knight and defended Athena with his newfound power. He has been a stoic and unyielding defender of his beloved goddess ever since. Possessing magical armor and his divine trident along with shield and sword, he prepares to stand at the frontlines of the war against all things evil. His magic is still imperfect and unrefined, but he can heal those even near death and can at his maximum, resurrect Athena from death.

    Abilities: Superhuman Strength (10 tons), Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, Trident Mastery, Steelguard Defense Stance, Overdrive Seal Release, Heavenfall Finishing Attack, Tactical Master, Healing Magic Expert, Inability to feel Pain, Speaks many languages and learns new languages quickly, Immunity to Fire and Electricity, Indomitable Mind (cannot be mind controlled or turned against Athena), Empathetic and Telepathic links to Athena (usable anywhere on Earth or Toril), Flight, Phase Step (can clear up to a five mile gap in the blink of an eye, several users of this ability are more skilled at it than Jon is.)

    Weaknesses: High Level Magic, High Level Telekinesis and energy manipulation, Dreadnought Special Attacks, the spell Red Horse and the spell Shadow Quake, Athena's magic is twice as powerful when used on him (Makes being healed by Athena very effective)
    Sunday, July 17th, 2011
    10:13 pm
    New Worlds Application for Escaflowne
    Original Character Application

    Player Information
    Name: Joey Graver
    Messenger handles?: steelhydra (AIM), grave_raptor (Yahoo)
    Standard Time: Eastern
    Was Your Character Held?: No
    How Often Should You Post?: at least once a month
    Are you over 18 years old?: yes

    Character Information
    Name: Jonathan Vincent Crossian, alias Escaflowne
    Age: 306 (Human equivalency 27)
    Fandom: If any. Dungeons & Dragons : Angelmourne, the Aradane War
    Job/Title in Fandom: Elite Divine Warrior Alignment: Good
    Brief History: A warrior who traces his lineage to ancient gods known as Seinken and the reincarnation of a powerful Seinken archon, his strength is greater than any ordinary man. He has recently come to be in the service of the goddess Athena, whom he is fiercely loyal to and loves above all else. He wears a small silver symbol of Athena that he has protected from harm for 15 years. Only Athena knows his mortal name. The rest of the world knows him as Escaflowne.
    Personality:He was for the most part emotionless due to his training as a Dreadnought of the old kingdom, but Athena taught him humility and freed him from being a tool. In battle he is fierce and uses his great strength and brutal fighting style to devastating effect. He is rarely talkative to anyone but Athena.

    Jonathan Crossian stands 6" 2' tall and weighs approximately 225 pounds of solid muscle. He has long black hair and has icy blue eyes. Prior to his awakening he had four very noticable scars on his back where his wings were torn out and on his chest the symbol of Athena is magically tattooed into his skin having replaced the numbers 117. After awakening his wings grew back and he now bears the silver glyph of Escaflowne with an owl perched upon the top of the symbol.

    List of Abilities/Powers: Jonathan Crossian possesses a degree of strength unrivaled from Toril even by his father. He possesses the strength to lift up to 10 tons (20,000 pounds) over his head and can sustain continued physical activity for up to five times longer than a normal human being before his body produces enough fatigue toxins to slow him down.

    Enhanced Durability: Due to his powerful celestial blood and his lineage Jonathan is very durable even when unarmored. Armored he can sustain and survive grievous injuries that would kill even some superhumans. He has been shown to be able to survive a 400 foot fall down a mountain with minimal injury while armored.

    Strong Immune System: He is virtually immune to poison and other harmful substances with the exception of a rare and potent toxin called Ambrosia. As a result of his strong resistance to poison, he is nearly impossible to sedate.

    Undying Faith: Allows Jonathan to stay conscious after sustaining fatal to near fatal damage and allows him to continue fighting until he is slain .

    Steelguard: While armored, Jonathan can assume a defensive position that only the strongest foes can break through. Steeled in this manner he can endure nearly any physical attack, although he cannot attack as long as he is in the stance due to focusing all his power into his defense. In this stance he can absorb damage for whoever he chooses, which is Athena.

    Leap: Jonathan is able to jump high into the air to deliver a devastating attack with his trident upon descent. His durability usually keeps him from sustaining injuries from this but not always.

    Overdrive: When pushed to the brink of defeat, Jonathan Crossian focuses the power within himself and forcefully radiates that power in the form of an intense fiery golden aura. The drastic increase in damage dealing capacity last for five minutes at the longest and fatigues him greatly afterwards, but only in this state does he has access to his single most devastating ability. His ultimate attack; Heavenfall

    Heavenfall: A fierce and brutal nine piece attack, utilizing sheer strength and the trident Stormbringer. The first seven attacks are powerful thrust and batter strikes. The eighth attack is impaling the enemy on the trident and leaping high into the air. The ninth and final attack is the most devastating. The impaled foe is dive bombed to the ground with enormous force.

    Jonathan will defend Athena without question, hesitation or delay if she is in danger and will ruthlessly and viciously attack anything she sets him upon in the same manner. He shares an empathic and telepathic link to Athena which allows her to communicate with him and sense his condition from anywhere on earth.

    Superhuman Agility, Fearless, Indomitable Mind (His loyalty cannot be swayed from Athena nor can he be turned against her), Inability to feel pain, skilled tactician, natural flight, enhanced senses of smell, sight and hearing, immortality (Can be slain in battle), Ability to cast low to mid-level healing magic, ability to heal Athena through his empathetic link to her, can speak any language he can study for seven days.

    Weaknesses: Fear of Athena's wrath, high level Magic and Psionics, Dreadnought Attacks, the special attack "Iron Storm", the spells "Red Horse" and "Shadow Quake", Weak against a rare substance called Dirgellum (All Seniken share this weakness and in large doses it can be fatal.) Weak against Athena's magic, Holy Energy can greatly slow him down (A racial trait of Seinken, a failsafe against corruption into a Mirroid)
    PB: Sam Worthington

    Writing Sample (minimum of 100 words and must be in third-person format) As fire rained from the sky and mortals fled in terror from the catastrophic damage, Escaflowne drew his trident and ran through the streets of the decimated city straight towards the demon who summoned the fiery rain. With a great jump high into the air he brought his mighty weapon down upon the demon, who barely blocked it. A shockwave of spirit energy tore through the ruined city, shattering glass and blowing cars away for almost a mile in all directions. The battle began in earnest.
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