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Memories [May. 28th, 2015|10:40 pm]
The Beautiful Child
The Citadel
The Wife
The Plan
Angharad, the leader

Mad Max Fury Road
The Wastelands
The Imperator Furiosa
The War Rig
The Wives are hiding
The War Party
The Chase
The Sand Storm
The Blood Bag
The Chase Part 2
The Kill Switch
The Canyon
The Fall of Angharad
The Discovery of Nux
The Mud
The Retaliation
The Naked Woman
The Clan
The Plan
The Chase Part 3
The Wounded Furiosa
The Death of Joe
The Death of Nux
The Lift
The War Boys

29 memories - 6 memories at a time

Items -

White outfit

Joe's mark
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[May. 22nd, 2015|10:18 pm]

AIM: dreximgirl
EMAIL: dreximgirl@gmail.com
AVAILABILITY: Evenings and weekends


NAME: Capable (Capability Meadows)
JOURNAL: _capable_
PLAYED BY: Riley Keough
FANDOM: Mad Max: Fury Road


WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Capable is exploring the world around her, having being part of a cult for so long she is new to a lot of things. She has been in an institute for the past 8 months but has now been released to begin her life. She will have interactions with a lot of people simply by being new and inquisitive.

CANON HISTORY: http://madmax.wikia.com/wiki/Mad_Max:_Fury_Road


Capability Meadows was born to parents who were somewhat hippy in their lifestyle but had good jobs and worked hard to give their daughter what she needed. When she was 8 her parents made friends with a man who eventually convinced them to move into his protected community. In reality they had been brainwashed into a cult.

For a few years it didn't make much difference to Capable's life, the biggest change was being homeschooled now rather than attending school but she still had other children around and grew up happy. She didn't realise the 'education' she was getting was severely lacking.

When she was 16 however things began changing. She was separated from some of her friends and her parents were moved to a different community without the chance to say goodbye. With the help of some other girls she managed to leave one night to try and find her parents but when she was discovered she was brought back and beaten for misbehaving.

After that Capable was watched all the time and brought into the main house. There she discovered that when she was 18 she would be married off to one of the other community leaders. The others in the house were kind to her but had already accepted their own fate. When the night of her 'wedding' came Capable managed to flee again - but once more she was caught and this time beaten more severely. In a way this was good as it meant she was left alone for a while longer since another girl was chosen instead of her.

Realising that the reprieve would not last long Capable made plans to escape again but this time was discovered not far from the compound. Knowing she could not face going back once again she chose to instead run in front of a truck, luckily that truck belonged to Furiosa who took her to safety.

She spent 8 months in rehab while she adjusted to the world and when the time came to chose a place to settle she chose the place her saviour was now living in.

She has been enrolled in certain school classes to help her gain enough education to get a job in the future. She is currently 20 years of age.


I'm doing this voice to post so please excuse any mistakes.

I'm new here and have been told that the internet is a good way to meet people. So here I am. This is all pretty new to me so please be patient.

My name is Capability but most people call me Capable. It's good to meet you all.
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