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    Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018
    3:23 pm


    I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him.

    - Martha Stout

    Contact Information

    NAME: Sadha
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: Sasha.bms@gmail.com
    TIMEZONE: pst


    AGE: Old
    PB: Name of PB Tyler Young
    JOURNAL TO BE USED: [info]_crouched


    FULL NAME: Bartemius Crouch Jr.
    NICKNAMES: Barty
    (AGE): 17, March 1st 1962
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    CURRENT OCCUPATION (IF ANY): Hogwarts Student
    VEHICLE: He isn't on the trip.


    PARENTS: Bartemius Crouch Sr. and Eudora Crouch (ne Nott)
    SIBLINGS: None
    SEXUALITY: Functionally asexual.


    HOUSE/YEAR: Slytherin, 7th year


    THOUGHTS ON THE MUGGLE WORLD: Wouldn't it be easier if we just wiped all the muggles out?
    THOUGHTS ON THE INITIATIVE: It is so stupid. They better not try to make me do that bullshit next year.


    BOGGART: His father and Regulus, tell him they're disappointed in him. Over time it becomes just Regulus, and then just the Dark Lord.
    PATRONUS: none

    LIKES: Oranges, clean laundry, sarcasm, new magic, ancient magic, Regulus, being right
    DISLIKES: Long lines, lumpy potatoes, giggling, being ignored,

    Brilliant, Persistent, Consummate Actor, Faultlessly Loyal, Oddly Humorous, Creative
    WEAKNESSES: Sociopathic, Manipulative, Blase, Uncaring of all but his chosen few, Sadistic, Obcessive


    CHILDHOOD: Barty was born to fulfill a an obligation. At least that's how his father saw it. His mother nearly died giving birth to him, and while she loved him she never had the strength to care for him. Barty was all but raised by the house elves, with minimal interaction by his parents.

    It was clear very early that Barty wasn't like other children. He never connected to his caregivers, seeming distant and disconnected even as an infant. He showed little empathy as he grew, not even for the mother who adored him, and prefered his own company to that of others. He was often physically aggressive for no reason, and by the time he was three he was already too strong frlor his frail mother to handle. The house elves didn't know how to deal with him, and he was left to run wild.

    He didn't make friends, he seemed to have no interest in the other children. He barely spoke, until he turned four and was suddenly using full paragraphs and adult language. He tended to take things literally, if he listened at all, and couldn't understand figures of speech.

    When he was five his father finally took an interest in his education, and it became clear the Barty was fiercely intelligent. He read at a very high level, and absorbed knowledge like a sponge. If a subject interested him he inhaled it. If it didn't he ignored it utterly. Crouch Sr began setting Barty series of challenges, and it became the greatest joy in the young boy's life. He had a fierce desire to please his father, the only person in he world he deemed important, and sailed through his lessons with a ferver that would make any tutor proud. Crouch Sr, however, was slow to praise. So Barty worked harder.

    It was never quite enough.

    HOGWARTS: By the time he was old enough for Hogwarts he had a reputation for being strange and unsettling. He didn't care what anyone thought of him, except his father, and had never seen the need for friends.

    His early tutoring with his father had made him very competitive, and he quickly planned to be the best student in the school. What he hadn't counted on was Regulus Black. Regulus was his roommate, but Barty had been prepared to just ignore him. However it was quickly clear that Regulus was nearly as intelligent as Barty himself, and Barty felt the rivalry deeply. Regulus, to Bartys constant frustration, didn't seem to see them as rivals at all. He was kind to Barty, and stood up for him when everyone else called him names and laughed behind his back. Barty didn't know what to do with that sort of thing.

    Before he knew it Regulus had become the center of Bartys world. Barty had long ago decided that there was only other other human being in the world beside himself, and that was his father. But now there were two. Regulus was a real person. A friend.

    They became inseparable. They experimented with dark magic, always pushing themselves to be better. But most importantly, Regulus taught Barty the importance of pretend. He had never seen the use for the other students before, but Regulus taught him how to use people. How to get what you wanted from them by pretending to be nice or interested or helpful. How to get the Professor's to not suspect you by being polite and hardworking and respectful. It was a brilliant game, and like everything he did Barty mastered it completely.

    When Regulus moved up a year Barty was devastated. His father refused to let him graduate early, and now he was facing a whole year without the only other human being at Hogwarts. Bartys world was shattered. He didn't know who he was supposed to be anymore, if he could be Regulus. No one else was worth his emulation. He slipped back into some of his old habits, spending most of his time alone and ignoring the Professor's when they taught boring things. The journals were his only salvation. He just needs Regulus to come home.


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