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Victor Price

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  2011.07.27  17.34

Who: Heretic, OTA
What: Driving rebels back
Where: Romania, Castle Dracula
Why: Fools approach the black throne
When: July 27th, 2011, 4pm
Rating: High, for violence
Status: Open, Incomplete

After Price shattered at Gwynn's feet his essence began to reform in the Astral Plane. Something went terribly wrong and when his reincarnation was complete he remembered nothing and nobody as the process always left him. But the gothic armor of Ihsan was on his body, and the sorceror within it had rebel soldiers surrounding him with him chained and bound. The restrained sorceror was speaking in a demonic language. The man in the suit looked like Victor Price but the memories and personality of the fallen wizard were gone. The sorceror smiled and suddenly erupted from his bindings and started killing everything in the room with a steel longsword he pulled from a weapon rack.

"Gixustrat Loex!!!" He said he was going to kill them by disemboweling them and he started impaling them on spikes of solidified psychic energy. He confronted the bulk of the rebel forces outside the castle, casting terrible spells to reduce them to ashes. This being had no name. It had no memories. It had only its hate and its rage fueling its violence. Even its magical and spiritual energies were different. It wasn't the same soul that was once Victor Price.


  2010.11.13  17.37

The Dark King )