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    Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
    2:10 pm
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    This is RPBC Communications. Draco Malfoy is currently unavailable. Please leave a message with us and we will be sure to put you in contact with him. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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    Thursday, November 5th, 2009
    11:17 pm
    Draco wanted to pass out.

    He had apparated to Iceland, extremely jetlagged, only to be carted off to some conference hall to give an opening speech. There wasn't even a moment's rest, no ten minute power naps, no cup of coffee.

    He had planned on taking the rest of the afternoon at a more relaxed pace, but several important ambassadors insisted on taking him out for tea.

    By the time they were done bombarding his weary head with ideas, it was just after dinner. And instead of being able to finally, finally pass out on his luxurious bed, he knew he was supposed to call Parvati.

    It was 8:30, and he was supposed to be calling her at this exact moment. Wearily, he stared at the clock. 8:31.

    Suddenly, the phone rang.
    Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
    9:29 pm
    The large, empty warehouse was dark and ominous, with white wax candles floating in the air everywhere. Bats screeched on occasion from the corners of the building, and fog crawled across the floor like it was a live creature. A sinister string quartet eerily filtered through the air--except when you stepped onto the dance floor, where a pulsating techno beat nearly deafened you.

    Draco's Halloween Masquerade was a great success. Every one looked so beautiful, but eerily so against the menacing backdrop.

    He was a handsome devil, quite literally. Two discreet demon horns poked out of from his sleek hair. He wore a crisp, black suit with an impossibly dark red vest of crushed velvet underneath. His skin looked more pale than usual, and blood seemed to be caked around his fingernails. His mask was ornate and expensive looking, and the witches who passed by speculated that it was outlined with real gold leaf. Even with his disguise shielding half of his face, you could tell he was breathtaking. That hard, masculine jaw. That haughty, arrogant mouth.

    A trio of witches who had all dressed as angels began to glide over to him, trailing silver sparkles in their wake.
    Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
    9:06 pm
    Draco Malfoy.

    Some of the office girls swore he wore Black Magic, that limited edition cologne only sold to royalty and billionaires. It was said to intoxicate any woman. Others said he wore L'Homme, this rugged aftershave that was favoured by rough-and-tumble sort of men. One girl had been fired two years ago for planting her face into his neck as Draco had opened the door for her. While she was escorted out of the building, she confirmed to the other girls with a tearful shout that it was definitely L'Homme. But a few of the sceptics spent weeks smelling different fragrances at the local department store, and concluded with the utmost confidence that he wore Serpente—the one that came in a small bottle made out of green, thick glass--so dark it was almost black.

    And then… And then, some of the girls thought it was just all him.

    Striding through the glittering crowds of the Ministry of Magic's annual cross functional mixer, Draco Malfoy was breaking hearts with every footstep. With cold, calculating eyes, he immediately checked off and noted the girls that were worth his time-- and faded the rest into blurry black and white.

    "Hi, I wanted to introduce myself," he'd say in that low, dark voice. A boyish smile would grace his lips unexpectedly-- but his eyes remained intense and focused. His victims would be caught off guard by both his intensity, but also by the unexpected gesture.

    Draco Malfoy is introducing himself to ME?

    It was foolproof. All the witches would get shaky hands, their skin would flush pink, and they'd sputter, "Draco, of course I know who you are." They'd giggle and touch his arm.

    Feeling good about himself, Draco picked up a drink before choosing his next target. Ah. Parvati Patil. He decided to approach the wizard standing just a mere foot away from her and make small talk with him first.

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    Sunday, August 10th, 2008
    10:05 pm
    Magic is back. What a relief it must be to the families that were under stress.

    My proposal for a healthier, more productive ministry has just been passed. All canteens within the Ministry building are now prohibited from selling foods low in nutrition, foods with trans fats, foods with imitation unicorn hair, and foods shipped from Barns Barns Big Eats due to the controversy that seems to surround the corporation bi-weekly.

    Complaints will be carefully assessed but will be a waste of your time.

    As for skeptics, small steps in our Ministry lead to great strides.

    [Edit: Yes, the snack popular in the accounting department, Crunchy Cream Crisps, is now banned. Accountants found with this snack, even if it's from home, will be subject to a five hundred galleon penalty.]

    Private to Parvati Patil )
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
    7:11 am
    OWL to Lavender Brown


    Feel better!


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