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[24 Jan 2022|05:48pm]


This might be the longest of long-shots, but I am currently looking for a Mary and John Winchester to potentially take to [info]lockemod. We've currently got Sam, Dean, Jo, a Bobby on hold -- so plenty of (maybe not-so) friendly faces, but I'd definitely like to discuss things prior to any holds, so if you're interested, hit me up here or in the drop box in the journal. :)
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[24 Jan 2022|07:18am]


[info]spnlandmod a fun and casual gpsl where you can play out multiple versions of the characters you love from Supernatural.
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[23 Jan 2022|08:53pm]


looking for euphoria lines, especially against fez
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[22 Jan 2022|10:13pm]


Shadow World Hijinks GPSL
What if when Edom was destroyed it left a gap in the universe?

That gap or portal if you will, began dragging in beings from other universes?

Panfandom | OCs | Interested?
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[22 Jan 2022|06:07pm]


would anyone be interested in a mythology, "biblical" or fairy tale psl? i have ideas
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[22 Jan 2022|04:01pm]


Shadowhunters Malec - Clizzy - Sizzie - Maia/OC Wolf - Raphael w/Izzie or Simon - Jonathan/Sebastian w/Izzie - Clace?
Outlander Jamie/OC Jamie/Claire Brianna/Stephen Bonnett?
Charmed - Leo & Piper - Macy & Harry?
Love, Victor - Victor/Benji?
Roswell, NM - Echo or Valenti/Maria
Julie & The Phantoms?

discord or Threads?
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[22 Jan 2022|08:37am]
Is there anyone that plays in the Cobra Kai fandom that would be interested in something with my Tory? Het, please.
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[22 Jan 2022|08:05am]


Maybe a long shot, but hoping ahead of the winter Olympics there might be some interest. Yuri!!! On Ice psl, anyone?
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[22 Jan 2022|01:55am]


anyone happen to play marty or ben from ozark that would want something with my ruth?
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[21 Jan 2022|09:02pm]


Looking for Hawaii Five-O lines for my McGarrett. I would love a Danno for a line and/or a line with a teenage Grace(Danny's daughter) who doesn't see her uncle Steve in that light anymore.
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[21 Jan 2022|05:57pm]


Hello! I'm looking to possibly join a game or PSL with one or more of the following MCU characters:

  • Tony Stark (Endgame compliant)
  • May Parker (possibly NWH compliant)
  • Pepper Potts-Stark (Endgame compliant)
  • Peter Parker (NWH compliant)

    I'm typically active every day and like a mix of journals and threads. You can read about me and my characters here.
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    screened [21 Jan 2022|04:03am]


    possible longshot, but with the recent rabbit hole i went down i'd love to do something with occult detectives and cosmic horror. doesn't have to be directly from the cthulu mythos, but i have no issue with including it. ideally looking to do some world building (fictional town, cults, etc) and more modern day than period, but i'm open.
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    comments screened - let me know if you want a custom to chat! [19 Jan 2022|06:30pm]


    would love a dc line playing harley quinn, starfire, selina kyle, or wondy! open to het/femme, cliche/random, also open to au/crossovers.
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    cut for spoilers [19 Jan 2022|05:35pm]
    cut )
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    [19 Jan 2022|01:40pm]


    [info]queenscliffmods This guy needs his team!
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    [19 Jan 2022|12:32pm]


    Little bit of a long shot, but I'd love some Wynonna Earp peeps to join me at [info]lockemod. Would especially love a Doc or a Waverly. (Or both? Both is good, right?)
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    [18 Jan 2022|07:40pm]


    It was for the safety of everyone else that she was doing this )
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    [16 Jan 2022|11:48pm]


    Longshots of longshots, but does anyone care to play with me? Looking for PSLs more than games these days since my life is crazy, etc etc.

    Characters are here.

    Favorite include: The Doctor (13), Clara Oswald, Bucky Barnes, Carol Danvers, and Natasha Romanoff

    I'm open to other ideas if you see a character you like, just leave a message!
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    [16 Jan 2022|05:13pm]


    just getting into the whole shadow & bone series and would love to explore the world some more. open to any type of lines and pairings!
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    [16 Jan 2022|02:48pm]


    [info]queenscliffmods I would love to see Phryne Fisher, Dottie Williams, Hugh Collins, Jane Ross, Bert and Cec...basically anyone else not taken.

    For my Erica Reyes from Teen Wolf I would love to see Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey and anyone else from her pack.

    And for my Hawkeye anyone from the MCU not already taken!
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    [14 Jan 2022|06:15pm]


    unfortunately my work schedule doesn't allow time for communities, but star wars psls for obi-wan kenobi here? i'm happy to do time anomalies to write with other star wars characters from different timelines also. slash or het or platonic, force sensitives, canon characters and oc's welcome
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    [14 Jan 2022|05:02am]


    longest of long shots, but movie-verse bobby drake for john?
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    [12 Jan 2022|05:47pm]


    would love to get some psls! open to all kinds of timelines and aus shenanigans. also, open to who but would adore vision.
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    [12 Jan 2022|12:29pm]


    dare i ask for a line? something in the infinity war era with steve, bucky, clint or thor please
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    [11 Jan 2022|03:11pm]


    geralt for an older ciri, pretty please. i'd even love a modern au of the story.
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