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    Thursday, November 29th, 2035
    1:41 am

    Sunday, November 29th, 2020
    2:08 am
    Lt. Eric Martel
    Lt. Eric Martel
    Character Name: Eric Martel
    Age: 38
    Fandom: Buffyverse/BtVS:AL
    Canon point: N/A
    Species: Human
    Gender:  Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Inventory: His uniform, gun, and phone

    Personality: Down-to-earth, friendly, and a bit of a boy-scout in some ways, Eric grew up always sticking up for his fellow 'little guy', and grew to always look for justice in any situation. As a police officer, he's utterly fearless, his bravery while on the job almost unheard of.

    History: The only son of Jessica and Carl Martel, Erica grew up with three sisters, and always saw himself as their protector and confidante. While never a very big guy, Eric always intervened when he saw someone being bullied, even if it resulted in him getting his ass kicked. He never lost that desire for justice, and at 21, applied to the police academy in Los Angeles. While he made it onto the force easily, his tendency to put people before protocol has held him back from advancing as far in rank as he could have otherwise. He will always attempt to stop a criminal, with no regard as to his own safety. 
    \While he'd always wanted a family of his own, he never thought he'd have the time or meet the right person, until he, by chance, met Prue Gordon. An 'adorkable' bookworm type much like himself, the two hit it off instantly, and became inseperable. Eventually, the two married, having their first child not long after. Since then, they've had one more child, and Prue was pregnant with a third presently.

    Eric had been in the middle of attempting to handle a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, and had just been shot by the man robbing the bank when the Reality Gem brought him to Galador.

    PB: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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