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    Tuesday, January 12th, 2016
    9:23 pm


    » Training Simulator with Zeroes, Nines and Slip | Captain Phasma’s little chat about Slip | Hand to Hand Combat | Lunchroom Chatter | Massive Simulator Multi-Force Battles | Melee Combat Training | Being Deployed - The Star Destroyer | The Mining Colony at Pressy's Tumble - Standing Guard | Not willing to kill the miners | Putting in more time at the Simulator | «

    » Attacking the Village on Jakku | Phasma orders Finn to turn in his blaster | Freeing Poe Dameron| Escape in the TIE Fighter | FN-2187 now “Finn”| Crashing on Jakku/TIE Fighter sinks into sand | Wandering through the Desert and finding the Settlement | Finn meet Rey | First Order Attacks/Escape on the Millennium Falcon | Fixing the Falcon/Telling BB-8 the truth | The Falcon is Recaptured/Han Solo & Chewie| Han Solo’s debts catch up with them | Escaping the Rathtars |“All the stories are true”| Tending to Chewie's Wounds| Takodana and Maz Kanata’s Castle | Refusing to Join the Resistance/Telling Rey the Truth| Leaving with Captain Sidon Ithano | First Order Attacks | Using Skywalker’s Lightsaber/Captured |Resistance to the Rescue | Kylo Ren takes Rey| The Resistance Base/Poe’s Alive! | Volunteering for the Starkiller mission | Crash landing the Falcon on Starkiller Base | Capturing Phasma/Lowering the Shields | Reunited with Rey | Planting Thermal Detonators/Seeing Han Solo and Kylo | Fleeing the explosion/To the Falcon/Fighting Kylo Ren in the forest

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (23 Memories)

    » Waking up in the medical bay, wandering the hallways and into Poe|
    Getting up to Speed with Poe and General Organa (the attack on the fleet before jumping to hyperspace, where Rey went/the bracelet)|
    The First Order catches up/Leia survives space/taking the bead tracker bracelet|
    A “shocking” encounter with Rose|
    Waking up, realizing with Rose what needs to be done|
    Plotting to disable the First Order’s tracking system with Poe and Maz|
    Leaving with Rose to Canto Bight| Landing on Canto Bight/The Casino|
    Searching for The Codebreaker/Rose wants to “Put her fist through this whole beautiful place”|
    Finding the Master Codebreaker/Busted and thrown into jail with DJ|
    DJ escapes/ Fleeing on Fathiers| DJ and BB8 pick them up and head towards Snoke’s ship|
    Sneaking onto Snokes ship and to the hyperspace tracking room| Phasma and Co. reunion|
    Betrayed by DJ/Phasma orders their execution|
    The cargo bay explodes/Fighting Phasma one on one|
    BB8 to the rescue/Fleeing Snoke’s ship|
    Landing on Crait and nearly getting blasted to bits by the Resistance|
    Taking on the First Order with ski speeders to destroy the siege cannon|
    The Falcon comes to the rescue/Trying to sacrifice himself for the cause/Rose saves him|
    Watching Luke Skywalker face down Kylo Ren| Escape through the tunnels/Rey Force lifts the rocks/Epic Reunion | Getting on board the Falcon/Tucking Rose in«


    » Getting the message from the First Order spy/Fleeing the First Order | Returning to Resistance Base/The trio bickers | Hearing the spy's message| Going with Rey and the group to find the Sith Wayfinder | Going through the Ancestor Celebration| Meeting Lando | Desert chase with the First Order| Sinking in quicksand | The snake tunnel | Firing up the old ship/Rey and Kylo's Force fight | Going to Kijimi | Looking for Babu, finding Zori | C-3P0 memory wipe and Sith message | Rescuing Chewie & Getting caught | Execution - or not? It's Hux!| Saving Rey from the hangar deck | Going to [Planet] to find the Sith Wayfinder/The locals say hello| Following Rey onto the Deathstar wreckage| Watching her fight Kylo Ren then she takes his ship | Finding out Jannah was a former Storm Trooper - and everyone else in her group |Returning to base: Leia Dies/Poe makes Finn a General | Discovering Rey is leading them to the Exegol| Poe's speech & plan| Heading to Exegol | The Big Battle - Attacking the Communication Tower | The Big Battle - Ground troops on the Star Destroyer | The Force Lighting Strike | Lando arrives with Reinforcements/Blowing up the Star Destroyer tower | Heading Home/Victory reunion |«

    Memory # that can be redeemed each month: 18


    » Stormtrooper Armor |Stormtrooper Blaster| Stormtrooper training| Poe’s Jacket|EL-16 blaster rifle (from Force Awakens)| New Clothes (Last Jedi)|Tracking Bracelet|First Order Officer Uniform|V-4X-D ski speeder (from the Battle of Crait)| New Clothes (Rise of Skywalker)|Force Sensitive abilities|Glie-44 blaster pistol (from Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker)|D-O droid (from Rise of Skywalker)|Orbak (horse animal from Rise of Skywalker)
    Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
    11:55 pm

    NAME: Cora
    DISCORD: QuestieGirl(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻#8483
    EMAIL: LylianneWare@gmail.com
    AVAILABILITY:Mornings (7am-8:45am during my commute) or evenings (during said commute or when I get home 6pm onwards)


    NAME: FN-2187 aka “Finn”
    JOURNAL: _FN_2187_
    PLAYED BY: John Boyega
    FANDOM: Star Wars
    CANON POINT: Post-Rise of Skywalker

    CAN THIS CHARACTER BE CANON PUNCTURED? YES. Because that would be hilarious.

    WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? For him to discover a different side of himself in the dreams, to meet up with all the Star Wars pups and see how their relationships work here. He needs to make friends outside of that group as well.

    CANON HISTORY: Wiki Here

    Finn Hayes grew up in L.A., in a neighborhood that was poor and often saw violence. He was raised in a broken home, his father having left when he was a baby, his mother doing her best to make ends meet. She was killed by a stray bullet during a turf war between rival gangs, and Finn was left to be raised by his maternal grandmother on the other side of town in a slightly better, but still treacherous, neighborhood.

    Finn’s grandmother was strict, and raised him right, with a good moral compass and rigid rules that demanded he get homework and chores done before going out with his friends. Finn thrived in this environment where he actually had an adult's full attention, where he had structure. His grades shot up and he landed in some advanced classes. This earned him bullies; Finn wasn't one for fighting back and instead kept his head down and did his best to avoid fights - though that didn't always work out. Thankfully it was only in his Senior Year, and soon he was graduating and could leave all that mess behind him.

    After puttering around trying to figure out what to do with his life while holding down several odd jobs - fast food cashier, car wash attendant, assistant to a local car mechanic - he finally decided he wanted to try at being a police officer. While he knew his neighborhood harbored mostly resentment against the police for what they claimed was racial profiling, Finn thought maybe joining the ranks he could help make a difference and help turn the tide away from such behavior.

    He graduated top of his class in the Academy, and spent a few years as a police officer mostly patrolling the areas where he grew up. It was tough, thankless work, but he still loved it. He was told he could be on the fast track to being a detective if he kept up the good work. But promotions were slower than he was told, and soon he saw that no matter what he did, systemic favoritism and racism were rampant and getting him nowhere. No longer wanting to stay in the old neighborhood, he chose Orange County to start over.


    Sooo...this is some sort of local community blog thing? That’s cool, I guess. I mean, I just googled "things to do in the OC" and some posts from here popped up.

    Name’s Finn. Just moved into the OC. Hi?
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