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Negan/Gretel first meeting [29 Nov 2016|07:20pm]
It'd been a long timeless couple months for the 'residents' of the hotel- with six solid weeks of nothing but that infernal Fog stretching on like it would be forever. The normally replenishing food failed to restock, dwindling fast between those who hadn't disappeared. Tensions were high, fears were even higher as rationing became more desperate, and the thought of actual starvation began to set in. Then the clock chimed twelve hours to the second that the last bit of food had been consumed, and brilliant sunshine and tropical heat replaced the dark mist outside the hotel doors. They had finally jumped, apparently to an deserted paradise. The kitchen filled itself again, and life went on- as normal as it could possibly be, in any case.

Then as regular clockwork, the hotel made it's move again, leaving the tropical island behind for more fog. Tensions went right back up. They were all wondering if the hotel would try to starve them again, so the rations were set that very first day. That's why Gretel was particularly concerned when she found the kitchen in a state of...disarray the next morning. Things hadn't just been moved or left out; things were missing- in particular, a bucket of chocolate ice cream. Living with the same food list that magically appeared every seven days for more than five years- she knew the kitchen inventory down to the last fucking pea. Either someone had decided to go against the group decision- which was bad enough- or someone new had made an appearance in the hotel. Her gut was saying the latter, and Gretel always trusted her gut. It was never wrong.

Just as a precaution, she sent her brother a message on the PDA letting him know they had a new resident somewhere in the building, then she went on the search herself. The first place on her list was the lounge- newcomers almost always ended up there first. She approached the doorway with caution, pressed close to the wall to peek around the corner. Sure enough, there was a figure she didn't recognize, the line of his back and right shoulder at an angle toward where she watched. There was a weapon in his belt, as well as the obvious one he kept switching from ground to shoulder- the heavy club wrapped in sharp metal, but at least it seemed like he was alone. Alone with the chocolate ice cream...

Gretel sighed quietly, then dropped her crossbow from her shoulder into firing position. Better to be cautious.

"Hands up high. Now." She announced her presence calmly, but firmly. The iron arrow tip was locked and aimed at the back of his skull. "They move anywhere else, you'll have a bolt through your eye."

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