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    Thursday, September 13th, 2035
    12:27 am

    Wednesday, September 13th, 2034
    12:31 am

    The cousin of Rachelle Martin-Bale, Kaylee is the 26 year-old daughter of Clark Martin, brother of Rachelle's father, Butch. Growing up across the country in Tampa, Kaylee nonetheless kept in touch constantly with Rachelle and her brothers.

    Kaylee tried her hand at witchcraft in her teens, but eventually dropped it after deciding she was horribly bad at it. She has had a hard time forgiving Rachelle's wife Neely for how she hurt her cousin in the past, even after learning about the woman's health issues at the time. She adores Morgan though, looking up to her a bit. She's a sarcastic, moody young woman who thinks the world of her cousin even if she's loathe to actually admit it. She began taking drum lessons a few years ago, hoping to one day play in a band with the suddenly-famous Rachelle.

    She's quick to insult, tends to be a little selfish, and has a deadpan wit that goes over a lot of people's heads. But beneath it all she's a good person... it just takes a lot of work typically to see it.
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