May 2018

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May 24th, 2018

Player Info
Name: Laura
Over 18? yes
Timezone: Eastern
Preferred contact: E-mail.
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Yes.

Character Info
Fandom: OC - Island kid
Name: Margaret Lillian Rogers
Age/Birthday:  36/Same birthday as Sean.
Species: Human/Super Solider, carries a recessive mutant gene.
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Personality: (Please include defining strengths and weaknesses) 
Hard working
Cheerful most of the time

Awkward around emotion, especially negative emotions -  She isn't skilled at picking up on when other people are upset.  And when someone does tell her about their problems, she wants to help - but often doesn't know how to help.  'Walk it off' isn't the best advice for every situation.
Overly protective   - spent time in a war (see history).  She feels constantly on guard, always checking the people are okay, and everything is secure. 


Margaret Lillian Rogers was born the daughter of super solider father and a mutant mother.  Her mother's ability to shift fascinated her.  She spent much of her early childhood, testing herself - trying to use a 'power'.   She would try to pretend to be an animal and hope to shift into that animal, try to shoot lasers from her eyes, concentrating on trying to read minds, trying to create explosions with her thoughts, try to teleport, try to freeze the ocean around the island,etc.  Nothing ever came of it, simply a child's play.

One day while playing a game of tag, she accidentally injured another island child when she tagged him too hard.   She believed she had turned her hand to steel.   After this, her parents had a talk with her, fully explaining what it meant to be a super solider.  They had told her about it before, but this was the first time it truly sank in.   She learned to hold back when playing with other children, a difficult task for an athletic and competitive girl.

As she grew older, both of her triplet brothers developed mutant abilities.  She went through a period of disappointment when she realized that she would never develop them.  It didn't last long as island life and her family taught her that everyone was unique and valuable.  A lesson that she carried with her, and tried to be a voice for reason and equality when there was conflict on the island and through the doors.   If there were people that needed help in any way, she'd do her best for them.  She'd fight fires, carry the injured to the hospital, build homes, build wells, farming, whatever needed to be done.   It sometimes even meant that she had to fight a island threat or join in a battle through the doors.   

She began a rigorous routine to keep herself in her best shape, and offered to train islanders.   She also organized sports and coached children.   It was a very fun, active life for her.   

She was in a serious relationship that ended when her boyfriend was islanded away when she was around 30.    She mourned and then moved on.   Island life could be unpredictable and she allowed herself to believe that her boyfriend was safe and happy wherever the island sent him.

Two years later, around age 32, she was sent to another universe and spent three years drafted as a solider in a war between Earth and an alien race called Minbari. The war was brutal, and Earth, as well the human race, was about to be destroyed when the Minbari suddenly surrendered.   Not long after the war ended, Margaret was 'islanded' back to her home (age 35).  It was the most experience she'd had as a solider and has stuck with her.   She spent the next year getting back into her island life, only to be sent to back in time and to the station (age 36).

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