August 2012

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August 9th, 2007

movies, mayhem & miscellanea

I just changed my default icon. Now, for some, that's not a big thing, but I rarely change it. I'd had the one I replaced for something like two years, and the one before that for at least one. The reason I change them so rarely is because I have to really like the icon. I don't think I've ever had a default that I haven't already had in use for at least a couple of weeks. Just to be sure.

This icon I just love more and more. Which is strange, because when I made it I wasn't at all sure about it (a sure sign I'll delete it fast. Well, not such a sure sign anymore) and even made two versions of it just in case the black border started to bug me. (It hasn't.)

I really thought that yesterday's post was going to be the fresh start after all this LJ crapola, but LJ's latest "anorexia=just striving to be thin" and "text links are cause for suspension" idiocy has just gotten me riled up again.

Cut, cut, cut! )

Yesterday I watched Blades of Glory. )

Um, I also rewatched P&P again, because apparently I'm incapable of seeing any caps from that movie without rewatching it.

On the TV front, I watched the pilot of Oz, and wow, it was even more depressing than I remembered. I mean, I recognize that it's a quality show, I just don't know if it's a quality show that's for me.

I watched the first two discs of Avatar and so far, so good. There's still the animation factor, but it's engaging enough that I enjoy it nonetheless. Actually, for me it's not so much enjoyment that's a problem, because I do enjoy shows like Futurama and The Simpsons, it's the investment. I just don't get invested in animated characters. I don't know if Avatar will change that, but so far it's never happened, not even in animated movies that I watched as a child.