August 2012

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September 3rd, 2007

Man, Labor Day+Dragon*Con+fall TV season still not underway=LJ being dead, dead, DEAD

Shiny things!

  • Extended Status Bar. I like seeing load times and the like, but this extension takes up at least half the status bar. It wasn't until I remembered an extension that Tissa had recommended that I realized I could keep it.

  • Organize Status Bar. (This is the one that Tissa recommended.) It not only allows you to organize the icons, it allows you to hide them, which is how I can keep the above extension and only see the load time for each page.

  • Favicon Picker 2. Allows you to assign favicons to bookmarks. (You can also use regular images.) I use this mainly for the visible links in the link bar, since the ones I do have are mostly java scripts (more on that further down) and they don't have a favicon.

  • HashColouredTabs+. Color-coding of tabs that have no favicon (or all of them, which can be helpful for those who want to keep their work surfing under wraps).

  • Google Icon. Adds a favicon to Google search results. This one totally doesn't work for me, but I really want it to so I haven't uninstalled it yet. I just don't get why it doesn't work... (Also, this one is symbiotic with Favicon Picker since it gives you the opportunity to save loads of favicons whenever you do a simple search. Or, you know, would, if it actually worked.)

Extensions I've already disabled and will probably uninstall soon:

  • ColorfulTabs. I wanted to be able to assign web sites a certain color permanently, but that wasn't possible AT ALL, so off it goes!

  • Ctrl Tab Preview. I really wanted to like this one (because I hate that the new Firefox - or possibly Tab Mix Plus - tabs through the full-size tabs instead of just going from the one you are at to the one you want), but it turns out I'm way too used to switching tabs to most recent instead of to the right, so it's a goner.

[info]annakovsky linked a page with Java Scripts recently, and though I was sceptical at first, I've come to love them. There's an "append ?style=mine" one that means I could probably remove my Greasemonkey script that shows all pages in my style (ALL pages. Other journals too).

There's also the "up" Java Script, which first removes anything after a question mark (so it works as the reverse of the above script), and after that it goes up a directory.

If you use Simpy, there's also a "Search Simpy Bookmarks" script that you can find on the site.

Of course, the favicons for these are blank, so right now I'm using the JavaScript java cup, but I'm thinking of making favicons with the LJ pen and Simpy's dots on the cup so that I can tell them apart.

Another good part about these JavaScripts? Because I use Foxmarks and these scripts are basically bookmarks, I automatically get them on all my computers without having to redo them for each computer.

Oh, and I realized that under the Options for LJ Hook, there's a "Clones" tab where you can enter the name of LJ clones and the extension becomes usable for those sites as well, so now it works for LJ, IJ, JF and GJ. *g*

I'm buried in work right now, and I have been for over a week, so I haven't had time to even think of opening Photoshop. Hopefully I'll be able to spend some quality time with PS on Friday. Or, if I'm in complete burnout mode after tomorrow, Wednesday. I'd prefer to get everything squared away first though, so work's not looming over me, casting a great big shadow over my happy!day.