August 2012

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September 17th, 2007

Bits and bobs

My mother called me earlier and right after I hung up I realized it was my parents' wedding anniversary. They're not big on celebrations (and, in fact, forget it more often than not) so I'm not too bothered. I make a note to call her when I've finished Conan.

I finally call her, wish her a happy anniverary, tell her to wish my dad a happy annivrsary too. It's not until I hung up from that call that I realize that it's their 40th. Custom or not, sick or not, I really feel I should have done something for such a momentous occasion. Now I feel bad. is having a 4 for 3 sale so I bought a bunch of TV shows (and got the complete series of Tru Calling for free), but when I'd placed my order I was told it'll be delivered in late November. Are they kidding me? Only one DVD set wasn't in stock, and that one had a waiting period of 3-4 days, so I immediately e-mailed customer service.

Looks like I'll be translating the Emmys again this year. Though not alone this time, which THANK GOD, especially after seeing the reactions of my friends list. I gather neither the show nor the award recepients were to people's liking? I haven't even bothered to find out who won.

I finished FNL. )

As I hinted earlier, I've been feeling a bit sick, and even though I felt wretched yesterday I think I got more done than I have in a single day in ages. Well, if you count watching a backlog of TV "getting things done". Fortunately, I DO. And I did put in a full day's work too, so there's that. I also cleaned, shopped for groceries and read fic. Who knew a cold could provide such an energy boost?