August 2012

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October 8th, 2007

I make my own fun

Last night I was hit with this idea just as I was going to sleep: Nathan Fillion should totally be Liz Lemon's new love interest. And then I wept at the thought of him on Desperate Housewives. Is there any way we can get that show cancelled? C'mon, people, let's make this happen! Because now I have an almost physical neeeeed to see Tina Fey and Nathan Fillion make out.

After quite a bit of investigating I found out today that Long Way Down premieres on October 28 on BBC Two. Less than three weeks to go!

I ordered HIMYM season 2 a few days ago because I realized that they'd actually released it in widescreen! And finding this video ) on YouTube made me realize that I really really want to rewatch season 2. Like, right now.

After only two weeks of the official TV season, I'm already lagging behind. Not that that means I haven't been watching TV, it's just that instead of watching the new shows I finished re-watching 30 Rock (14 episodes) and "finished" re-watching ER by watching season 6 (I'm not interested in revisiting anything past season 6). I also watched some stuff by capping it:

The Office
3x01 Gay Witch Hunt
3x02 The Convention
3x03 The Coup

30 Rock
1x01 Pilot
1x02 The Aftermath
1x03 Blind Date

1x01 Dexter
1x02 Crocodile
1x03 Popping Cherry
1x04 Let's Give the Boy a Hand

Grease 2
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Yay, capping! It's been way too long.