August 2012

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March 9th, 2008

Down with Love

You know, I meant to accomplish at least something this weekend, but nope, this is it. (Unless you count fic reading and finishing a rewatch of Arrested Development season 3 as accomplishments, which I don't.)

Bubblegum colors ahoy! )

I'm sorry, I have no excuses. Also, no self-control.

I often wonder which of their own picspams other picspammers' favorites are. So here's my attempt at starting a meme:

Top 5 Favorite Picspams

1. V/L: MFEO. There is nothing about this picspam that I don't love.
2. Pushing Daisies: In Rainbows. If for no other reason, I love that I took the time to remove the network bug from each and very cap so that it wouldn't take away from the rainbow effect.
3. Top 10 Favorite Kisses Picspam. Still very fresh, but come on, it's prettiness and kissing and OTPs! Of course I'm going to love it.
4. The Office: Smile Time. Just thinking about this picspam makes me smile.
5. Veronica Mars / Justice: October 3rd AU. More than the picspam itself, I like the idea of it. And I'm constantly looking for a chance to do it again.

Honorable mentions: The West Wing finale picspam, That Blue and Green Movie and Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

(If you don't picspam yourself, you could still list your favorite picspams that others have made. *hint, hint*)