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May 31st, 2023

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[info]memoryiowa Opening tonight!

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[info]memoryiowa Opening tonight!

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[info]oceanamod, posting in [info]wanna_rp:
Fort Oceana, Florida

Abandoned Naval Base, Fort Oceana, was bought by a luxury home company that had a vision of reusing the old buildings and aged bricks as bases for a whole community. With Daytona Beach, DisneyWorld, and the capital nearly an hour away in all directions, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Tampa, and the Georgia Boarder just a bit beyond that, it seemed like a wonderful place to bring in a variety of peoples. Those attending college nearby, those starting their newly minted families and those looking to retire could all find something to enjoy in the Fort, with the commissary areas reconstructed into modern day shopping squares.
[Fort Oceana is a Slice of Life game based in a fictional town called Fort Oceana. Despite the setting, there will be no major focus on Military or Politics.]

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I do very much need therapy.

But umm, hi, to anyone who still follows me/remembers who I am. (I am Dena, I played a lot of HP, Hunger Games, Marvel, panfan, etc.) I've been missing from RP for a long time, and if you want a very long and full-of-health-and-mental-health trigger warnings type explanation, you can read it here.

But to be briefer, if anyone has fond memories of me and feels comfortable sharing, I have a gofundme running here. I don't have a large social media network to blast it across, so anyone helping me out is appreciated.

And unrelatedly, if anyone who remembers me is interested in slow-moving PSL's where I might sometimes respond to things that aren't there without meaning to, hit me up! (email voicessayhello@gmail.com, or DM is probably best, as I'm not on discord right now for reasons that I go into in the posts!)

I hope you all are well!

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[info]mobbins, posting in [info]wanna_rp:
I go through this weird phase every once in awhile. I am seeking something heartbreaking. Something full of heavy angst and perhaps some trigging subjects. I have a few ideas:

Guardian Angel / Lost Soul: This can go two ways: Lost Soul is stuck in purgatory until the Guardian Angel can help the Lost Soul come to terms with their death.

Or: Lost Soul needs to be reminded of why the world is worth sticking around. Guardian Angel comes flying in to help them cope with whatever is going on.

I am also looking for a cyberpunk type of setting. Dueling Hackers uncover something dark and nefarious and find that they have to work together to reveal the entire evil plot. Lots of antihero-ness and angst.

Comments are screened or you can reply to my contact post in the journal.

May 29th, 2023

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[info]memoryiowa My kingdom (haha) for Eddie freaking Munson.

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[info]lebamoff, posting in [info]fandom_psls:
Maybe not the place to ask but is there anyone that might play Connor Roy (Succession) that would be into something with my Willa, but in an AU sort of sense where we don't follow everything that happened on the show and can make them more our own (so maybe take the core parts like how they got together and what not and build it to be our own - or even just alter bits and pieces of the series so it's not an exact copy kind of deal). I would like to use the same faces, but everything else is open for discussion.

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[info]losthershoe, posting in [info]fandom_psls:
This is probably a long shot. Does anyone still write in the Supernatural fandom? I'd love some lines for my female version of Sam Winchester. Het and femme friendly. I'm also open to crossovers.

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[info]anditsmagic, posting in [info]wanna_rp:
Young Avengers, assemble? Looking for Teddy Altman, American Chavez, Noh-Varr, Kate Bishop, Isaiah Bradley in [info]modsofwestview

May 28th, 2023

marvel odyssey: a discord rp @ 09:07 pm

[info]marvelodyssey, posting in [info]wanna_rp:

In the beginning, there was nothing but The First Cosmos. A single universe whose own loneliness was strong enough to break it apart and scatter its pieces across the plane of reality. This created the first multiverse. Through eons, there have been reiterations of the multiverses.

Destruction and renewal.

With each, a new cosmos was formed. The infinity stones are remnants of the First Cosmos and hold immense power. Enough to destroy humanity, destroy realities, and even destroy time. But they also hold the power to create.

They've fallen into the wrong hands countless times.

Have they once more?

Something or someone has caused the space-time continuum to break. The unexpected break has created a massive multi-versal shockwave that has managed to echo through time, space, and reality.

As this chaos begins to fully unwind, tears in reality are being created because of it. People across the multiverse are being transported from their home universes to Earth 616.

The 7th Cosmos.

Not only are realities affected, but time is too. This means people are being pulled from different timelines and different years.

No one knows what has caused this. No one knows how to proceed. All there's left is to adapt and survive.

Marvel Odyssey is a 21+ Discord RP taking place in the Marvel 616 universe. The game incorporates Marvel 616 characters and Marvel characters from alternate universes (the MCU/XMCU) being dropped in the 616 universe, against their will, and for unknown reasons.

Join us at: https://discord.gg/3qTWPMqZ52 or leave a comment here for a community invitation.

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[info]icontherocks, posting in [info]pb_updates:

Set: Toby Regbo : 127 : Discovery of Witches S3
Details: M : White : Blonde : Brown : 20s
Character Suggestions: General: Vampire
Link: LINK

megan fox @ 01:57 pm

[info]flyingthesky, posting in [info]pb_updates:

Set: Megan Fox : 420
Details: female : white : brown : grey : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

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[info]tellmethetruth, posting in [info]wanna_rp:
Bella Swan seeking Edward Cullen for something cute and romantic at [info]moonlake. It's a Supernatural/Paranormal fandom game.

Victorian-style supernatural a/b/o @ 11:37 am

[info]griffinton, posting in [info]wanna_rp:

Centered around alphas and betas at an elite postgraduate college. Victorian era-inspired society where an omega's proper and only place is within a household environment, certainly not at a brothel run by a small group of empowered, freespirited omegas that students and faculty members visit for leisure.

Do you want to write knotty plots, compelling characters and build intricate relationships against the dark academia backdrop? If so, GRIFFINTON would love to hear from you! The game is just opening and seeking a variety of writers who are interested in this concept. Looking forward to making your acquaintance!



May 27th, 2023

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[info]carondolet, posting in [info]fandom_psls:
[info]carondolet GPSL Holds are now open for celeb au with fandom memories. Please check it out and hold your character today! Only 4 more holds are needed before the application opens.
Disclaimer:We are capping the GPSL with 20-character journals total. As more room becomes available we will invite more people, at that point, it will be invite-only. Right now it's First come-First Serve
Wanted List )

May 26th, 2023

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[info]justluckyiguess, posting in [info]fandom_psls:
cable for my domino? i would love to use deadpool 2 faces but pull from the comics as well (developing the characters and world building on our own accord would be fantastic too.) romantic is a plus, but i would be happy with chaotic shenanigans in general

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[info]inwaterinwine, posting in [info]rpvents:
The discord server talks constantly about character interactions and future plots, yet the actual writing community never moves. Most of the time the friends list is dead, and the three scenes I've tried since starting have been completely dropped within a few comments. One of the people took a literal month to reply to me with a few lines, all the while daily talking plotting in the discord.

I'm only still 'in' the game because I keep forgetting it exists. It's such a shame, but everyone loves talking about plots and not actually writing any.

May 25th, 2023

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[info]tylerstrand, posting in [info]fandom_psls:
Does anyone write Carlos? We can do canon or AU. I don't care. I just want to write these two.

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more 911: lone star characters to [info]memoryiowa!

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[info]andhesmine, posting in [info]multi_fandom:
more 911: lone star characters to [info]memoryiowa!

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