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[08 Sep 2019|10:11pm]
Dinah Lance is the eldest daughter of Dinah and Quentin Lance and older sister to Sara Lance. As a child, her life was perfect, happy home, happy family, but in her teen years, things weren't so happy. Her parents were fighting all the time and when she turned to her best friends Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn for solace and they kept her out of the house as best as they could, which was all the time.

When she was sixteen, her parents divorced, her mother moved across the country to New York City. Dinah being mad at her mom for leaving never went to visit her, she focused on her life, fell in love with Oliver, decided to be a cop like her father. She finished high school, she got very serious with Oliver, she did a few years of college to get a degree in criminal justice and then entered the police academy.

She had just graduated, in the prime of her life, then everything with Oliver tumbled. She found out he had cheated on her, not with just anyone, her sister. Laurel left, she just didn't know what to do, so she left. She ended up in New York with her mother, got a job as a beat cop and three years later at Tommy's death, she returned home for the funeral,
While she was home, she reconnects with Oliver, they had a one night stand and then she returned back to New York, only to find out a month later, she was pregnant.

Game changer.

She didn't return home, she did tell Oliver. She was put on desk work till Olivia was born, then took leave. When she went back to work, she was still a beat cop and then worked her way to detective and about two years later, her father passed away. Laurel and Olivia travelled home and ended up staying, she moved into her childhood home with her daughter. She became a cop once again settling into life with being home with Olivia. She and Oliver fell into a routine of co-parenting with Olivia and recently she made Homicide Detective. She will start having dreams of her canon life when she and Olivia arrive in Ohana.

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