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    Saturday, August 3rd, 2030
    10:35 pm


    9:51 pm
    Freedomtown Profile

    The Queen of Cosplay
    Character Name: Mia Hayashi
    Age: 25
    Fandom: Dominion Pro Wrestling
    Canon point: N/A
    Species: Human
    Gender:  Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Inventory: Her iPod and a flash drive containing some of her matches


    Appearance: As her first gimmick plainly stated? Small But Mighty. Mia is 5'2", with flawless skin, a bright smile (when she shows the damn thing), and eyes that never fail to reveal EXACTLY what she's thinking.

    Personality: If you were making your own Mia, the main ingredients would be listed as "a heaping helping of attitude, a handful of sarcasm, a dash of sweetness, and an absolute shit-ton of real talk". Mia has been called a bitch by more people than she can count, mostly because she has no filter at all. If she thinks it? She says it. Whether it's good, bad, inappropriate, etc - if it pops into her head? It comes out of her mouth completely unedited. She's flirty at times, bitchy at others, but always 100% honest.

    Powers & Abilities:: Mia is extremely athletic, utilizing what is considered a "high-flying" style of wrestling. She is very flexible, increasingly agile, and deceivingly resilient physically.

    PB: Hikaru Shida

    History: Born in Cleveland, OH to a Japanese father and Korean mother, Mia's family moved to Chicago when she was 6 years old. It was there that she met her first (and still closest) friend, Jennifer Prescott, daughter of legendary professional wrestler Vlad Blackheart. The two spent every possible moment together, even dating for a while once they were old enough to develop feelings for each other. When Jenny began training with her father to be a wrestler (under the ring name Lara Blackheart), Vlad trained Mia with her, and the two developed such good in-ring chemistry that they debuted professionally as a tag team, which Vlad lovingly named Small But Mighty.

    Mia and Lara took SBM to as many independent promotions as they could, until the tragic and untimely death of Vlad briefly derailed both of their fledgling careers. After both ended up signing with NFW, Mia eventually formed a faction called The Unwanted, with Adrianna Salvatore, Shelley Silver, and Angel Kusanagi, only re-forming Small But Mighty for a one-night reunion in Vlad's honor.

    A huge bulk of NFW talent, led by veteran wrestler Judas Lasher, left NFW to form a promotion of Lasher's own creation: Dominion Pro Wrestling, named after The Dominion of Pain, Lasher's longtime stable. In DPW, Mia and Lara were reunited in a stable called Sex & Violence, although a Small But Mighty reunion remained unrealized. Mia was gearing up for a grudge match against a rival named Marissa Viskan when the reality gem pulled her into Marvel 616...

    Mia is a huge fan of sci-fi and comics, and took that love into her career, where she became known as The Queen of Cosplay for her tendency to dress as various characters for her matches. She has a huge collection of toys and clothing connected to Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Marvel, and Ranma 1/2, and considers Akane Tendo from Ranma as one of her personal heroes. When she turned 18, she got her first tattoo, a picture of Akane scowling, on the back of her right shoulder. Her biggest supporter has always been her father, Mitsuo, who Mia loves to playfully tease about his tenuous grasp of the English language. Even at 23 years old, she still has never had a driver's licence, as her driving ability was so legendarily bad that she caused one instructor to literally quit his job. Mia has dated three people in her life, two girls and one boy... yet Jenny is still the only person she's ever truly been in love with.


    Player Name: Dan

    The lights dimmed, the video wall lighting up with the graffiti-esque logo of Sex & Violence as the low, deep beat of Rico Nasty's "Smack A Bitch" filled the arena. The Little Troublemaker herself, Mia Hayashi, arrogantly skipped out onto the stage, tonight cosplaying as a femme version of Star Wars' Kylo Ren. Ditching the robe and helmet as she got to the ring, she gave a big smirk and shot the middle finger to someone in the crowd holding a sign for SIN.

    Grabbing the microphone from the announcer, she laughed out loud, sticking her tongue out happily.

    "So... lemme get this straight. Someone who last wrestled in the states nineteen years ago, and wasn't all that great back then to begin with, wants a piece of me. And I'm supposed to be all terrified. Please. I'm more scared of catching something from standing too close to the bitch's niece over in KCW." As the crowd 'ooooo'ed, Mia shrugged and looked right into the camera. "Seriously, Crab Shack. You ain't shit. ANYWAY. Back to SIN. If you really think you're gonna walk in here and make some kinda example of me? You may as well go back to being a thirsty old bitch on Twitter, cos it's never gonna happen."

    She tapped her chin a few times, as if pondering who to shit-talk next.

    "Oh... and Drew? Sweetheart? You wanna sit there being a keyboard warrior, telling me and everyone who'll listen about how your people are gonna be so dominant... you barely mentioned the damn TAG TEAM you manage (which hey, I'm sure they appreciate that. That'll last), but you can't even see what's going on right in front of you. Your little wannabe girlfriend is unraveling again, and you can't even see what you're doing to push her along the path. So... no. I don't think I'll be feeling very afraid of any of you. Your whole group is a little time bomb waiting to explode."

    Preferred Method of Contact:: OOC Contact Post

    Sunday, August 29th, 2021
    5:35 pm
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