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[ texts; Jason Todd FROM UNKNOWN NUMBER ]
» It's Kitty
» Borrowed phone. Nice person.
» Please help.
» 📍 [location linked]

took Jason's phone. am OK. Todd's taxi service. It's Kitty.

Stiles and Dee are okay. "Okay".

📍 [location linked]

Stiles = own body. Not not-him. Stiles says you have to change the host. Like a werewolf bite. I don't know if I can but maybe something else will work. Vampire, witch, IDK. and then kill him. catch him before he gets another host.

Jason is here. I'm so tired. I'm sorry.

kamala khan - netpost [04 Mar 2024|04:14pm]


[Filtered to Super-Powered Kids (18 and younger) (this absolutely includes Lila)]
The adults are stressed, and I want to help.

We shouldn't do anything stupid like try to fight any of these new people who are giving everyone the creeps on our own, but maybe we can be spies. Like, we can use our seeming lack of attention span to our advantage and just sort of be in common places "on" our phones, but we're really watching people's movements and listening to their conversations and reporting back to a group chat.

Is that a stupid idea?

This rain is almost as bad as a Nor'easter back home. I'm glad we don't live at the bottom of one of the hills here.

harley quinn [04 Mar 2024|11:06am]


Based on what the government officials say, which I don't fully believe because I have authority issues, this isn't a mass hallucination, I am a copy of myself, and everyone here could potentially use some therapy.

Hi. I'm a therapist. You can call me Harley.

Network: Pepper Potts-Stark [04 Mar 2024|09:20am]


[ mood | worried ]

[FILTER: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, May Parker-Banner]

Should we take the girls to a hotel?

Network Post: Julie Molina [04 Mar 2024|04:58pm]


[Band filter]

We're all agreed on staying inside together until this is over, right?


Please be careful.

[03 Mar 2024|09:56pm]


[set after Dee's encounter with not!Stiles]

Dee hasn't made it home. She's not answering her phone, texts aren't even coming up read. Tippy is freaking out and all I can make out in my very limited Squirrel is something is very wrong.

I've got theories. And this is a very clear warning that if my daughter is harmed, someone is in for a very bad day.

Network: Alex Mercer [03 Mar 2024|08:30pm]


[Filtered Away from Stiles]

Look, I wasn't going to say anything, because causing trouble is just not a thing I actively try to do, but

I don't think the person we've been interacting with for the last few days is Stiles.

I'm not even sure it's a person. I think it might be a vengeful spirit called the Nogitsune. It possessed Stiles before and hurt a lot of people he cared about.

I think it's doing it again.

[03 Mar 2024|08:50pm]


Who: Dee Green and Nogitsune Stiles
What: A confrontation
Where: Stiles and Kitty’s apartment
When: Sunday Night
Trigger Warning: mentions Animal Violence, Animal Death & violence.

Doreen was pissed. )

[03 Mar 2024|05:53pm]


I don't know why this needs to be said at all in this day in age.... but DO NOT touch anyone without their express consent. Is that really a hard concept?

I had a middle school kid grab my tail and pull it while I was working today! WHO DOES THAT?!

He was "curious" and "thought it was fake". AS IF YOU COULD BUY A TAIL AS FABULOUS AS MINE.


Family and Friends [03 Mar 2024|03:42pm]


Hey so, I'm usually like, person number one to support the Multiverse and the varying versions and like, Peter 2 and Peter 3 are awesome don't get me wrong.

But I'm very much not okay right now and if you guys could maybe watch your back around the new guy just in case the Multiverse is not exactly on Peter Parker's side right now, that would be swell and I'd super duper appreciate it and I'm going to go look menacing on a building somewhere for a bit but like, if anyone ACTUALLY needs me, please say so thanks.

Network- Norman Osborn [03 Mar 2024|04:32am]


Oh, a "Black Hole" is how we got here. You know, I've seen stranger explanations for things.

One day you're attending the most teeth-numbing of meetings, and then the next you're processed into San Francisco. How? Why? No clue. But if everyone is accepting of it, why shouldn't I make the best?

Except now I'd kill for a good cheeseburger. Theoretically of course.

Log: Alex and Void!Stiles [03 Mar 2024|07:42pm]



Alex Mercer and The Nogitsune

March 2nd, early morning | The Station | PG-13
Creepy Void!Stiles' gonna creep

warningsDiscussion of death, possession, just general unsettling behaviour

He revelled in the feelings of discontent )

LOG: LOKI & SCOTT [02 Mar 2024|10:03pm]


Who. Loki & Scott Lang
When. February 11; flower curse plot
Where. The Station; Apt 110
Warnings. Bad music choices.
"The walls are very loud, and my brother is a hedgehog."
Read more... )

Network: Missy [02 Mar 2024|08:40pm]


Well, well, well, I can't say this was what I thought the here-after would be, but I suppose it's better than being thrust into a black hole.

Hello San Francisco! This will be fun.

At least, it will be for me.

Network: May Parker [02 Mar 2024|06:05pm]


[ mood | stressed ]

[FILTER: Anyone 18+ except Reginald]

I knew that foreboding feeling meant something.

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