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[21 Jul 2024|09:18pm]


Who: Stiles and Edwin, and then Stiles and Alex
What: An unexpected ghostly visit, or: in which Edwin gets an eyeful
When: Sunday, July 21 (early hours)
Where: Stiles's room
Warnings: Some discussions of traumatic events, but otherwise low
Status: Completed via Gdocs

Not much of a sleeper? )

log ➢ fenris and anders. [21 Jul 2024|10:19am]



— gifts for thor & loki [21 Jul 2024|09:57am]


A cardboard box sits on the dining room table.  )

Network: Quentin Coldwater [21 Jul 2024|12:11am]


I may have imbibed a bit, but I could have sworn I just saw a bunch of deer on the street through my window. Because of course I did.


The last year of my twenties isn't off to a bad start at all. Thanks for coming and hanging out tonight. You all are the best!

[20 Jul 2024|10:48pm]


Who: Matt Murdock & Yelena Belova
When: Friday, July 19
Where: The LAMP Apartment
What: Yelena has needs.
Warnings: Some language and heavy feelings, but otherwise none
Status: Completed via GDocs

We need to have a plan. )

LOG: KITTY & STILES [20 Jul 2024|06:48pm]


Who. Kitty Norville & Stiles Stilinski
When. July 1
Where. Their Apartment
What. Roommate-y things!
Warnings. nah (I don't think so?)
'Dean’s List! I’m so proud of you'
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[20 Jul 2024|12:09pm]


Early 7/14 | Lestat's Apartment

A small amount of drinking blood involved

. . . )

Network: Albus Potter [20 Jul 2024|07:52am]


[ mood | happy ]

We should be back in a few hours. The Grand Canyon was beautiful. Thanks to those who came with me. It was a good time.

[19 Jul 2024|07:05pm]


Imagine that you're dying. You don't know how long you have — minutes, at best. What are your last words, if you could choose them? (For those of you who have died — hi, same — pick something else.)

[18 Jul 2024|11:19am]


So, by my count (which, honestly, as an art major isn't my strongest suit) there are three Captain America shields here now?

Do we need to start labeling whose is whose?

Network: Bucky Barnes [18 Jul 2024|08:05am]


Not gonna lie. Yesterday was more frustrating than the birds or the turkeys for me. Not sure what these networks were up to, but glad we're back to normal.

As normal as this gets around here.

[18 Jul 2024|10:47am]


Now that words no longer escape me, I would like to thank young Master Peter. Without his tutelage when I first arrived, I would have been unable to communicate effectively.

Thank you.

Network: Pepper Potts-Stark [18 Jul 2024|09:35am]


[ mood | relieved ]

Glad that is over. I don't know much emoji speak past smiley faces and hearts.

Network: Ben Hargreeves [18 Jul 2024|08:12am]


Do you have any idea how hard it is to try to contribute to an online study group when you can only type in emojis? Do you?

Anyway, thank god that's over. Who's looking forward to school starting back up soon????

netpost ➢ sam wilson. [17 Jul 2024|08:06pm]




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