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Basic Player Info. [13 Jan 2008|08:01pm]
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The Facts.
↔The name's Amanda, but Manda or Mandie is fine. Mandy, not so much. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. Don't ask me why.
↔10+ years of roleplay experience. I'd like to think I pretty much know what I'm doing (but like anything, there are always a few surprises). Examples aren't always necessary in my world, but if you want to see some, there are some friends-locked here. Just let me know and I'll add you.
↔Central time zone - I'm usually on after 6 PM on weekdays. Times online vary during the weekends. Sometimes I'm on all day, others, I may not be on at all. Just because I'm online, doesn't mean I'm always available to play. But it never hurts to ask!
↔I use third person, storybook style for my RP, whether it be in AIM or via thread. I'm a writer, but also like to try to adapt my posts to the person I'm playing with. I prefer threads to AIM - I take medication that sometimes puts me to sleep and I'm forever paranoid of falling asleep in the middle of a scene. I'm also open to playing via email.
↔Sexual scenes? To me? I can take or leave them. It's a personal preference. So if you're looking for pointless smut, you're talking to the wrong girl. I like a little plot with my sexual situations, if you please. That's not to say I won't play them out, just that I don't necessarily like to. Especially against a lot of the people I've been introduced to on this server.
↔I'll only primarily play girls, and I'll mostly play them straight. Occasionally, with the right storyline, I'll have a character with bisexual tendencies. But that's only if the storyline's favorable. If you were coming here looking for a "if you play a guy for me, I'll play one for you" deal, you're talking to the wrong girl (again). I've played guys in the past, and I just can't seem to get them right. It's very rare that I get the idea for a male character in my head to begin with, much less one I can play properly. My apologies.
↔I'm always looking for a long-term storyline and/or an active community. I'll play pb/fandom, but will not venture into celeb. Faux-celeb, however, is a different story.

PBs I'll Play.
Erica Durance. Kristin Kreuk. Allison Mack. Hayden Panettiere. Ashley Tisdale. Brittany Snow. Bethany Joy Galeotti. Hilarie Burton. Brenda Song. Alyson Michalka. Amanda Michalka. Minka Kelly. Katharine McPhee. Maggie Grace. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Lindsay Korman-Hartley. Katie Cassidy. Jessica Alba. Leighton Meester. Emmanuelle Vaugier. Emma Rigby. Sarah Carter. Adrianne Palicki. Lacey Chabert. Kristen Bell. Mandy Moore. Camilla Belle. Rachel Bilson. Samaire Armstrong. Ashley Olsen. Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato. Amber Heard. Darla Baker. Lucy Hale. Shay Mitchell. Troian Bellisario. Andi Muise. Kate Mara. Kaley Cuoco. Kristen Stewart. Jessica Stroup. Annalynne McCord. Lea Michele. Dianna Agron. Ashley Benson. Emily Browning. Krysten Ritter. Bree Turner. Alessandra Torresani. Aimee Teegarden. Tamsin Egerton. Sarah Michelle Gellar. [Any others? Most certainly!]

Fandoms I'll Play.
Smallville - Lois Lane (against Clark Kent). Chloe Sullivan (against Oliver Queen or Jimmy Olsen).
One Tree Hill - Haley James-Scott (against Nathan or Lucas Scott).
Human Target - Emma Barnes (against Christopher Chance).

Currently Active Characters.
A full list can be found here.

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