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12/31/35 11:59 pm - [OOC] Suggestions Box

If you don't like the way I play Death, have things you would like to add or criticise about his characterisation, or if you just want to offer some pointers, you can always get in touch - my contact details are available on the contact list - or leave your comments, suggestions and criticisms here. Comments are screened and may be posted anonymously.

Thank you.

PS: Personality and History is up on the profile/user info page.

You can also feel free to leave comments should you wish to discuss plot.

10/30/11 11:01 pm

[He's down at the children's ward. They're usually scared of him because he never seemed to have any good news, but this time around they're laughing and they're more than happy to take candy from him. Death smiles.]

Happy Halloween. Don't eat too much sugar now.

9/18/11 04:34 am

[It washes over him. Takes him away for a moment, to a strange place that he has fantasies of, where the world is completely still. When he realises what it is - and he knows, because he knows this intimately, this... 'feeling', this signature, if you like - the illusion shatters.

It's not the vision that unsettles him. It's the fact that he's still holding on to that illusion, that he may, from time to time, still want, deep in his non-existent heart of hearts, to live out that fantasy and make it real.

It must not be known. It must never be uncovered. Not him, not Death. Not the one who could turn everything to dust.

Some things were not meant to be played with. If he had the time to speak - if he wanted to be heard - that was what he would have said.]

8/30/11 03:01 pm

There are some things in this world you simply cannot run from.

5/22/11 10:30 pm

Admissions for water-induced poisoning have finally tapered off.

I completely forgot about the apocalypse.

4/29/11 01:14 am

Paradoxically alive.

It should be given more thought.

3/9/11 06:22 pm

Life prolonged by medicine and machines shortened yet again by the limitations of hospital backup generators.

Someone's laughing.

12/12/10 10:24 pm

Dangerous time to be on the road, especially with early nights and heavy snowfall.

Drive carefully. 'tis the season to be well, warm, happy, well-fed, and most importantly of all - alive.

11/10/10 10:36 pm


Don't be a tease.

9/6/10 11:14 pm

Death threat from the messenger? Charming as always.

Leave a lighter next time. Summer just ended; it's a little premature for firewood.
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