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[06.03.23, 4a]


Looking for members of either The Street Profits or The Brawling Brutes to join Miss Belair here along with a few other WWE folks like Cody Rhodes and Shane McMahon at a fun celeb game that recently had their grand opening and currently has 72 members.

No worrying about being challenged for a spot!
No silly tasks like having to read the rules to find a secret password to put in the application!
No waiting for adds to be done on certain days!
And certainly no elitist BS like needing to be referred to the game by a current member!

You simply just apply and once approved, request membership to the introduction and main communities. That's it! So if you're a member of either factions listed above and want to join an active community where you'll actually get to play, feel free to leave a comment!
5 C

[06.02.23, 9p]


1 C

[06.02.23, 6a]


[info]hhh seth rollins, darby allin, cody rhodes, cm punk, wardlow, rhea ripley, ruby soho, kev and sami, what britt and mercedes said, annnnnnnddddd claudio castagnoli and eddie kingston, please, so saraya and i can love on you.

[06.02.23, 2a]
anything het for solo sikoa, brody king, dominik mysterio, cody rhodes, darby allin, or jon moxley?

[05.25.23, 4a]


baybay. roddy. punk. would enjoy a little psl stuff with any of them.
a little rusty, but trying to shake that off.

[05.24.23, 10p]


anyone out there in journal world still play stephanie or britt?

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