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September 2020


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Sep. 11th, 2020

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The United States government has requisitioned a team of top scientists from across the country to work in secret on a classified experiment now known as Project X34. The goal of the experiment is to figure out how to genetically modify humans in a permanent fashion, keep the subjects from perishing due to modification complications, and to fully test the functionality of each modification using different scenarios in hopes that they will be able to implement the procedures into specifically chosen, small, squadrons in each branch of the military. The general public has no knowledge of this experiment nor will they in the future. Subjects are chosen at random and just seem to disappear off the face of the Earth, never knowing exactly why they have been chosen for such a project. To prevent subjects from going rogue, and to keep an eye on the status of each subject through each scenario, each group is placed into a large-scale dome-shaped area that is inescapable complete with twenty-four hour continuous surveillance by cameras that are unable to be discovered.

The first six experiments of this nature have failed; seventy percent of test subjects in each dome expired due to effects of their mutation, twenty percent due to scenario testing, and the other ten percent were properly disposed of by those running the project. This is their seventh and final try before the project is restaffed and the scientists themselves are disposed of to prevent information leaks. They have tweaked their formulas and testing procedures and have decided that by focusing on smaller numbers there was a chance of a much higher survival rate, though they do not expect all subjects to last for the duration. Sixteen people have been selected from various locations though it is unclear to participants if there is a link they all share or if they were chosen by sheer chance and misfortune. Some were kidnapped off the street; some came from places where they were being held against their will.

In a place where survival is key, do you have what it takes to last through Project X34 or will you be among those considered failed experiments?


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