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[05 Jul 2010|11:12pm]
I'm going to regret asking this but..

I'm counting down the weeks until the new term starts and I find myself with more hours in the day than I know what to do with. Even factoring in the hours that will be devoted to the World Cup (C'mon England!) I cannot spend my summer cooking and baking for hours.

So to that end, I am offering my services as a Charms tutor for those wishing to brush up on basic skills or improve their current levels. A good grounding in Charms is a valuable life-skill that ought not to be ignored simply because one has left school.

Did I mention that the Cup is starting? I have a mountain of food in the kitchen and nowhere to send it ; my best friends have all been put on strict diets involving food with names like alfalfa and edamame.

Which as a name I actually quite like. Edamame would make a good name for a pet rabbit, right?
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