Jun. 15th, 2011

002-- Bulletin Board Post

So the libraries here?

Yeah, they have books. I miss my iPad5G.

Jun. 6th, 2011

001-- Bulletin Board post

This was schway for like, five minutes. Then I realised I wasn't holding a boom tube anymore and it was 19freaking64. I mean, I guess that'll teach me to pick up things that're just laying around the Batmobile. I probably should have learned that lesson after the incident with the-- nevermind

So I can't find the wires in this thing and I know there's no wireless network for it to opperate over because my cellphone is like a dead brick... a very sleek, and shiny dead brick, but still a dead brick. So I'm going to suspend my disbelief for a second and write something down and see if somehow someone magically answers and tells me what the heck is going on here.

Hi, my name is Max, and three-fourths of the people in this diner are looking at me like I'm a crazy person. If I yell for Superman loud enough and curse Big Barda's name, do I get to go home?

Jun. 5th, 2011

NAME: Kendra
AGE: 23
E-MAIL: Marveloracle@gmail.com
AIM: anamazonBLT
OOC JOURNAL: [info]marveloracle

NAME/ALIASES: Maxine "Max" Gibson
FANDOM: Batman Beyond
AGE: 18
SKILLS/POWERS/SPECIAL ABILITIES: Maxine is a normal human girl with an eidetic memory, a genius IQ, and the best hacking ability this side of Gotham City.
APPEARANCE:The first thing anyone notices about Max is her bright pink hair, really really bright pink, which is unusual on anyone, but especially on a black girl. She used to have it cropped really short, but she's been letting it grow out lately and dying the whole of it pink. She's short and skinny at 5'4" so the pink hair makes her stand out in a crowd where she might not otherwise be noticed. Max also has a small butterfly tattoo on her right wrist. All part of the rebellion that was Maxine Gibson.
HISTORY:Max was born in 2023 in Bludhaven. She didn't live there for long, both of her parents soon getting jobs at high paying law firms in Gotham City. They moved into their Gotham apartment in 2031 and Max has called it home ever since then.

Growing up, Max was always the smartest in her classes at school. She even ended up skipping third grade, moving straight from the second to the forth and earning a 'gifted' status which would both haunt and motivate her for the rest of her school career. She received near perfect scores on all standardized exams throughout elementary and middle school, finally achieving perfection her freshman year of high school. Being the smartest girl in the class was good in all practical manners, but it lead to an ostracized Maxine and in result, she never did have many friends.

After her freshman year Max found herself tired of the constant teasing, and of being the model student. Many of her classes were less than stimulating and she was finding that she could keep up and get top marks while putting little to no effort into the work. She became bored, slightly cocky, and began looking for something to keep herself entertained. The summer between freshman and sophomore years saw a striking change in Max, most notably in her hair, which she cropped close and died bright pink. She decided to put in an effort to go out and do things that normal teens did. Max also developed an acute interest in computers that summer for reasons she never divulged to anyone (as, hacking into the school computer systems might have been frowned upon).

Once school started up again she was still the smarted in her class, still had perfect test scores, but she was a lot more fun to be around now that she wasn't constantly focusing on school, work, and studying.

Come her senior year, Max became bored again. She needed a challenge which she definitely wasn't finding in school, and so when the newest Batman appeared on the scene Max took interest. Max decided that she was going to figure out who Batman was, a large task attempted before by many who were older and wiser. But using her computer and electronic skills, she created a program to track Batman's movements and compare them with the those of the newest people at her school.

When a Joker named Terminal began stalking her, she redesigned her program to uncover her assailant. Her computer program, spit out "Terry McGinnis" as a prime suspect for a student leading a double life. Max assumed Terry was Terminal, but when Batman saved her from Terminal, she realised that Terry was actually Batman. Since she discovered Terry's alter-ego she's been helping him with everything to computer hacking, to babysitting, to dog walking, to coming up with excuses for his girlfriend Dana.
PB: Nicki Minaj

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