February 2nd, 2012


[Elodie - en français]

It's probably stupid to ask, but are you feeling any better today? I hope you got some sleep, love. You shall be in my bed tonight, no arguments. I left a chocolate croissant on the bedside table for you, and some ice mice and other sweets to make the day nicer. If you want we can fly later?

I love you.

[Alphonse - en français]

I hope you're okay, sweetheart. Is there anything I can do? I put a chocolate croissant out for you and also tucked some sugar quills in your bag. If you need a hug tell me, please?

[Didi - en français]

I'm sure you've already thought of this, but I think after everything that happened with these stupid wards at this stupid, horrible school, we should do something together as a team. Not practice, not "to get our heads in the game" for focus, but to look after each other and ensure we're all okay on a personal level. Yes, I think it will help our play, but I'm really more concerned about how Elodie and Alphonse are doing.

We could maybe make dinner, you and me? If the lake wasn't so cold we could swim. Or there is the movie equipment, we could borrow this and watch something altogether after our meal? What do you think, Captain? I'm sure you'll make the best decision for us. I just know we need each other right now.


Happy Birthday, Julian! I hope you are liking your presents and have a wonderful day with very good food!