March 12th, 2012

vingt à six - backdated to Saturday afternoon

Beauxbȃtons, Je t'aime!

Salem, it was très good to be playing you, especially Brooke! I am quite proud of these bruises, you shall be also. I hope you are all feeling better soon.


There are no crying, sick babies and there are victories and I am so happy!

[Beauxbȃtons - en français]

I am SO PROUD to be here with all of you. SO proud because we held our heads up and even if we started with defeats, we soldiered through it to show them what we are made of, to victory, and we did it TOGETHER. We haven't run away, haven't left our team, and even when we have had differences we get through them. I love ALL of you, and I couldn't ask for a better delegation to be a part of.

And I am baking for everyone because love is food and food is love.