April 3rd, 2012

Trente - Le gâteau

[Team fab - en français]

I guess we're never going to be fully seen as guests here while we're still so obviously The Enemy. We haven't even been back for twenty-four hours and already, there are reminders. I'm not upset, but a little disappointed, I guess. I can't imagine Headmaster Duarte tolerating this from our school had we been the hosts. Though at least it seems to be the exception, and not the rule?

But silly people aside, I wanted to thank you all for coming to my house, too. My family really liked getting to catch up, and I had so much fun! I think we should have another party like it after the tournament, where ever we finish.

I love that you guys are my team. I wouldn't change you for the world. Or all the cake in it.


There is sun in Scotland! It is lovely, and a nice way to be welcomed back. The lake here has never looked so beautiful.