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[11 Aug 2022|07:29pm]


WHO Frankie Bishop
WHEN 8 June 2022 [backdated]
WHERE Jackson Heights, Queens
WHAT A knock on the door

It was the knock that gave it away )
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[11 Aug 2022|01:17pm]


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Saint David, Rhianning Lywywyywnnwllyn
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: The hospital
WHAT: Talking frankly
WARNINGS: Discussions of her suicide attempt
... )
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[05 Aug 2022|11:17pm]


WHO: Henry, Addy and Iestyn Ceredig
WHEN: FriYAY afternoon
WHERE: Hospital
WHAT: Henry finally seeing Addy
WARNINGS: Mentions of her suicide attempt
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[05 Aug 2022|11:13pm]

[ mood | sick ]

i been thinkin

i no i no

i ate an entire gallon of cheese puffs last night, my fingers are stained yellow forever

maybe... it wasnt a good idea to also drink a case of beer

and three big macs and forty nuggies

and a bunch of edibles

i feel sick someone kill me

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[01 Aug 2022|11:42pm]


[ mood | predatory ]

WHO: Will Scarlet, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, NPC Josh
WHEN: 1st August, late afternoon
WHERE: a street in NYC
WHAT: Will has a juicy revenge plan that involves shaking down Addy's abusive ex
WARNINGS: threats and refs to abuse

I always feel like somebody‚Äôs watching me )

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[01 Aug 2022|11:26pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

[Friends Only]

Spending a lot of time with my sisters this week. Just...feels like a really important thing to do.

I've sorted out all my classes for the upcoming semester and I can start buying my books next week. It's still weeks away, but I'm already excited.

I was sitting with Tinse and I realised how long my stubble has gotten because I can't be fucked shaving. Should I grow it out to see what I look like? Y/N?

Example )

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