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[20 Sep 2021|08:14pm]


[Away from Baddies]

A study session for a quiz tomorrow in my math class has erupted into a semi-violent game of mathematical Jeopardy and is this what college is always like? I thought a fight was going to break out between the team captains at any moment during the last few rounds. My team managed to eek out the win but honestly it was only just. And it gives me hope I can maintain my early A. Just have to keep it going!

And not ONCE during the entire math review, did I get to yell "THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST" ala Mean Girls. I am forever pressed. When o when will I ever get to live I greatest Cady Heron life?

Well soon it's October 3rd, so I guess I can make up for it by asking someone the date. Alas, Aaron Samuels does not attend BMCC. Forever. Pressed.

Other classes are also going well, though no one in my Intro Business class has threatened to karate chop anyone else in the neck. I guess it's just not as cutthroat as math. And for my English class next week I have to write a poem so that should be well tragic.

I think college suits me. There's a party a few of the people in my English class are going to and they invited me. I am going to try and make myself go. It should be fun.

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[19 Sep 2021|10:17pm]


WHO: Henry Claus, Armaan Khatri, Avery Duffield
WHEN: Sunday afternoon
WHERE: Avery and Armaan's apartment
WHAT: Walk of shame
WARNINGS: Talk of sex but no smut
... )
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[19 Sep 2021|10:10pm]


WHO: Clio and Will Stutely
WHEN: Well...time is fluid, but evening and back when they were in the cottage
WHERE: Elaine's cottage
WHAT: Just being cute
WARNINGS: Possibly smut?
... )
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[19 Sep 2021|02:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

[Away from Lucifer]

I learned a lesson there, didn't I?

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[18 Sep 2021|08:48pm]


WHO: Iestyn and Aderyn Ceredig
WHEN: Friday night/early sat morning
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Discussing Addy's dumbness
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[18 Sep 2021|05:42pm]


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Henry Claus
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Claus apartment
WHAT: Addy bein dumb lol
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[17 Sep 2021|11:04pm]

[ mood | tired ]

[St David]

I'm sorry if Gabriel scared you. I just...I had to send him to check in.

I know I can't do anything in person but if I can ever help from far away? I'd do anything.

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[17 Sep 2021|10:22pm]

[ mood | worried ]


Uh, hi. Hi there.

Is Michael really dead?

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[17 Sep 2021|08:44pm]


WHO: Robin Hood, Little John, Sheriff of Nottingham.
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Michael's
WHAT: CHecking in
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[17 Sep 2021|08:12pm]


WHO: Lucifer, Michael (kind of), Sheriff of nottingham
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: Michael's
WHAT: Just a wee murder
WARNINGS: A wee murder
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[16 Sep 2021|12:56am]


WHO: Henry Claus, Merrilee Claus
WHEN: Backdated to Saturday
WHERE: Claus apartment
WHAT: Sibling love, discussing Lucifer
WARNINGS: Discussing Lucifer...
... )
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[16 Sep 2021|12:51am]


[ mood | happy ]

WHO: Michaela Jones and Iestyn Ceredig
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon
WHERE: Michaela's place
WHAT: Talking about managements
WARNINGS: TBA, likely only just Michaela discussing former management taking advantage
... )

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[15 Sep 2021|12:31am]


WHO: Apollo, Rosario, Lyra way later
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon
WHERE: Columbia University
WHAT: Father daughter bonding!
WARNINGS: Probably none

Hello, is it me you're looking for? )
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[14 Sep 2021|03:05pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Hello dear sister, I hope life is treating you kindly. How are you? I know things have been a little rough at times of late. Is there anything I can do to help? I've been thinking about coming down to your little club too, been hearing great things! Really turned it around! What night would you recommend?

Hey you ;) I haven't seen you over in a while, are you well? If you're free in an afternoon, we'd love to have you over. I'll get Luna to make mimosas. Lets have a catch up!

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[12 Sep 2021|11:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]


My great and eternal Lord,

I have been investigating the Merry Men as you asked. Things have not gone quite as expected. Unfortunately they do not trust this face, and I must report that avenue is a dead end.

However, I am working on lesser Greeks, to find a way in to Clio on the other side. I have been probing to see if one of her sisters is a weaker link, or any other immortals she might be familiar with. As soon as I have greater news, I will bring it directly to you.

Also, one of the Sins keeps hanging around, and if he doesn't fuck off he's going to blow my cover. I don't suppose you, in your wisdom, could have a word?

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[12 Sep 2021|11:48pm]


[ mood | cheerful ]

WHO Freyr and Makaria
WHEN Sunday night
WHERE out and about in New York
WHAT a sweet little date
WARNINGS sweetness and light and kissings

Why do birds suddenly appear )

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[12 Sep 2021|12:38am]

[ mood | blah ]

[Away from Baddies]

I am not sure this sign I passed on campus yesterday is entirely helpful...

And it's very confusing )

I am sure I will be able to accomplish at least some of that.

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[11 Sep 2021|12:25am]

[ mood | lonely ]

[Away from Baddies]

Hey. By any chance does anyone wanna do anything with me this weekend? Like see a movie? Nothing scary. Free Guy is still showing in some theaters around the city. My treat?

[Tinse and Merry]

We should have a dinner or something. Please?

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[10 Sep 2021|05:38pm]


WHO: Much and Qebhet
WHEN: Sunday night, Sept 5th
WHERE: Starting at Qebhet's
WHAT: Ghost dancing
WARNINGS: Much thinking about Lust stuff, the rest of it TBD

Maybe this IS a silly idea? )
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[08 Sep 2021|07:02pm]


WHO Rosario Ortiz
WHEN August into September
WHERE Brooklyn
WHAT Dead end after dead end

This fucking guy )
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