September 2017



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Jun. 26th, 2017


Player Info
Name: Caitlin
Over 18? Yes
Timezone: EST
Preferred contact: Email ( or AIM (pearlywhitewings)
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Yes! Bumblebee Tuna

Character Info
Fandom: OC/Island Kid
Name: Rohan
Age/Birthday: 27 / August 15, 2175
Species: Merman
Sexuality: Pansexual, Polyamory
Personality: Playful and boisterous, Rohan got into a lot of trouble as a child between playing games of make believe and "pirates" to pulling a few pranks. These days, though no less energetic, he at least keeps his record clean. He enjoys playing table top games with his friends, writing fictional stories, and playing one of his various instruments. He loves a good joke and would rather split his side laughing than anything else; by extent he uses laughter and comedy as a coping mechanism, which sometimes only agitates a situation. He seems not to understand feelings of sadness or loss and does not manage them well, so he glosses over the problem, ignores it completely, or makes jokes.

History: During pregnancy, Rohan's mother was affected by a red tide and became ill. Though she recovered and had a healthy son, the island took it upon itself to again play some games--if not, perhaps, much less harmful this time around. Where his parents had darker hair, browns and blondes, Rohan grew into vibrant ginger locks! That all aside, he was such an image to his father with the same strong features but the soft eyes and playful heart of his mother. By the year 2148 the mer-colony had come to expand upon the island and Rohan learned in a school of his peers. He also enjoyed lessons from his great grandmother, Micha! As a young fingerling he was amazed by her powers and that of his friends.

Rohan, however, was not able to sing as well as his father--who was from Atlantis, a Northern mer city to Miromara--and learned to play instruments instead. Though his father claimed it was strange to not sing in his world, and was even shunned by some, on the island the tradition and culture did not continue. Rohan learned to play flutes, ocarinas, and similar windy instruments to make music and magic instead. Though his spells are weak he comes from a time of prosperity where magic is used for delight rather than protector or war.

Journal: [info]_rohan_
Played by: Ken Bek