I usually play Bucky bi (but more closeted and fighting with those feelings). It doesn't sit well with some, so I'm usually hesitant playing him in games because of it.
I can see it. Steve in my head canon is straighter than a pin, so I don't do Stucky.
That's totally fine. I'm thinking if I bring him in, he might reach out to Steve though to possibly work through that. He doesn't trust anyone more than he trusts Steve. I'm thinking of bringing him him at the end of Endgame - and feeling a little sour that he didn't get more time to talk to Steve before he left XD
My Steve is from the beginning of Endgame because I didn't want angsty Steve who once again lost a date with Peggy.

Steve would be entirely supportive.
Because I didn't hit you up on every journal I have yet...

That's going to hurt Bucky's heart so damn bad. Oof.
....oh man LOL

KRISTA! I want to bring Drax to Madison (he’s been here before and I had a blast playing him) and I know he’d love to see Steve. :)

CRAP! Hang on. Why do I not have this pinned?
It’s all good!
Lol we can def log them fishing on Saturday if you wanted. Natasha has been gently poking John to make more friends; since presently he really doesn't have any. Plus she thinks Steve could use some backup from a guy friend when all the super ladies start teaming up on Rogers XD
Steve says OMG YES PLEASE!!! Friggin wimmens! LOL

We definitely should log this. Steve has been talking to Valkyrie about football and I'm thinking Madison Valley needs a super human football league.
...to which John laughed and told her there's no way in hell he's getting in that middle of that mess!! ;p

I'm all for threading it out. Rofl, fair warning though; Grimm doesn't talk much, especially during his fishing trips. lol and and Colonel Jack O'Neill used to go out there every Saturday and just sit, drink beer, and fish. The two barely uttered a word to one another the whole time...and it was perfect XD

Now that could be fun! They might want to make it flag football though to avoid any serious property damage. :D
Sure but how funny would a log of monosyllabic grunts and descriptions be? But mostly this one would be for boy bonding. LOL

LOLOLOL They just need clearly defined boundries.
Oh I'm game for it! :)

lol, fair enough!!

John works out every morning too if Cap ever wanted to tag along. It'd be funny to see someone keeping up with Rogers, and not getting lapped like poor Sam XD

Steve would love that!
Cool beans :D Grimm is up and out the door at 5 every morning, he runs a few miles then trains in the forest on the outskirts of town either alone or with Rey. Steve is def welcome to join.
I'm surprised they never ran...haha...into each other...or we can say they saw each other but never talked.
LOL Punny! XD

They could've seen each other a few times will jogging, but both were busy focusing on their workout to stop and chat?
That makes sense
rofl, especially since he keeps the speed down while jogging in town itself to keep his abilities quiet, and just goes all out while running in the woods :D
Hi so I was on my phone and just noticed now that I'm not on my phone that this didn't post where it was supposed to. It was supposed to be in response to this but my phone apparently did not want me to continue that thread where such a comment might have made a touch more sense given it was in direct reply to the comment about tyranny and not the actual post itself. I'm very sorry about that!
LOL No worries!
Krista! I thought I should let you (and Steve) know Murphy has switched rooms to be with Bellamy and Raven. He'll be in his new room tomorrow morning, so Steve will wake up without a roomie!
Hi! Ok! Murphy would probably be happier there. :)

No offense, Steve. Like if Sam or Diego or Chris or even Alex had ended up with him they'd have been fine. Murphy just needs to be with his people.
Sam and Steve would be two puppy dogs in a ball pit. LOL
They would! It would be adorbs.
Sam and Pamela need a run in!

I can't remember. Do you have any psychics/telepaths?
OMG, they so do.

Unfortunately I do not have any pyschics/telepaths. The closest I have is Gansey, who has some abilities. He has heard voices in his head (literally a dead king), so he could technically hear a telepathic message.
She needs to swat that tight ass! LOLOL

Hrm. Not enough. I need someone to pick up on the fact that the feelings Steve is having for Sookie aren't entirely his own.
Hehe. Yes. She totes should do that. I wouldn't even be opposed to a roll between the sheets, if she wanted to go that route. He's feeling frustrated, and he's a guy, so. You know. Sex might cure al.

Damn yeah. Gansey can't really help with that. Max possibly could, but he's a self absorbed jerk, so I wouldn't count on him being helpful. Even if i tried to make him, he'd probably refuse.
HA! Dean's being coy so Pamela would definitely take Sam up on that!

LOLOL I like Max.
Haha. Let's do that then. My ability to write a log is quite challenged at the moment (rainy depressing day here so I've had a headache all day) but I an start a thing tomorrow, unless you wanna start tonight.
My brain is worthless except for nets. I exploded a casserole dish in the oven while making dinner so I'm pouting. LOL Tomorrow is fine!
Now that takes talent!

I will try to start in the morning, might be evening (I'll be afk during the day).
Right?! IDEK!

No rush! :)
Awesome! Thanks!
Hi! I just wanted to ask before I tagged it... is Steve's late night log open to multiples?
Awesome! I was halfway through a tag when I realized that it might not be open to multiples LOL.
LOL Thank you for asking! :)
Since Steve and Len are in a matchup, do you think you could start that one? Since I doubt that Steve would end up in Verdant and I know that Len wouldn't go into the casino (Mick's not there to drag him everywhere. lol), I figure they can meet in the middle somewhere.

Even if it's some random place like Hinkles. And if the job comes up, that could work too, especially since we were trying to come up with a way for them to find out they work in security and whatnot.
Hi! Sorry! Yesterday I wasn't around. Sure! I can do that. Hinkles would work. Maybe they have to share a table because it's so busy.
Sounds good to me! 💜
My email is rissarpg AT gmail. Could you email me a good email for the gdoc?
Yo! Would Steve be alright with Korg getting a job at the daycare? :D He's been taking care of wee Asgardians for a while now and really enjoys kiddos. :) If not, it's cool!
Certainly! Steve will be glad to have someone else the kidlets can climb on. :D

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