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Jun. 26th, 2022

[info]dutybound in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Jeffrey Spender and Open
What: Just out for a jog
When: Sunday morning
Where: The park
Warnings: TBA
Status: Open/On-going

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[info]adam_vasic in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Adam Vasic and Savannah Levine
What: He's back
Where: Savannah & Paige's house
When: Sunday afternoon
Warnings: nope
Status: complete

Fifty fifty if Kate ties him to a tree. Or a chair. )

[info]nowhiteknight in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Leonard Snart and Sara Lance
When: His arrival on Saturday
Where: Verdant
What: Catching up on the workings of Madison Valley.
Rating: Pg-13ish
Status: Closed; Completed Gdoc

“If it wasn’t for everything else happening around me right now, I’d probably find it more shocking that I actually held down an honest job.” )

Jun. 25th, 2022

[info]rachelisraven in [info]madisonvalley

( Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon )

Hi. I'm back.

( Just Dick )

Are you okay?

[info]dontevenblink in [info]madisonvalley

Hello Madison Valley!

After being accosted by a lovely woman and meeting the female version of myself, I think I can handle anything you throw at me,

I am The Doctor and this town is fascinating.

(ooc: he met Jessica Jones and Thirteen already I'll post the gdocs soon)

[info]spacepirate in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Vala Mal Doran and Jack Harkness
What: Reconnecting. Sort of.
Where: Outside Green Roof Treasures
When: Saturday afternoon
Warnings: tbd
Status: closed/complete

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[info]mybrainbreaks in [info]madisonvalley

Savannah, Eliot, Margo

Not even what...a month?...and I'm already pissing people off.

[info]oldernowyounger in [info]madisonvalley

I get some strange looks when I walk around in long sleeves. Sorry, but I'm from New Mexico. This isn't hot IMO.

[info]screaminwcrayon in [info]madisonvalley

Unpopular opinion, probably, but I hate the 4th of July.

Jun. 24th, 2022

[info]thingsgotmessy in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Phil Coulson and Open
What: Just thinking
When: Friday evening
Where: The casino
Warnings: TBA
Status: Open/On-going

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[info]ivedonebad in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Crowley and Adam Milligan
What: Crowley is a pain in the ass
When: Friday
Where: The clinic
Warnings: Crowley
Status: Closed/Ongoing

I've used this before. )

[info]satanworeavneck in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Peter Hale & Chris Argent
What: Just grilling and talking
When: Friday evening
Where: Peter's place
Warnings: None
Status: Closed/Ongoing

Feel the burn )

[info]yeggman in [info]madisonvalley

A woman called work yesterday to have the exterior locks on her house changed. That's fine. Easy peasy, yes? Super peasy.

Well, today I received a call from a very angry man who said he was locked out of his house. There was much confusion as it was the same service address as the woman from yesterday. That's right. The peasy woman.

Please, if you are navigating a divorced state, please leave me out of it. I have had many explicatives shouted at me in the last hour.

[info]bastionofsanity in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Tess Doerner and Angeline Dawes
What: Well, at least one of them's working
When: Friday afternoon
Where: Starbucks
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

~+~+~+~ )

[info]det_douche in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Dan and Gus
What: running into each other
Where: Madison Valley Coffee and Tea Co.
When: Sat. morning
Warnings: low

Is it coffee? Then that's good enough )

[info]originalshrink in [info]madisonvalley

Who: Cami O'Connell and Natasha Romanoff
What: Random meeting
Where: Combat Therapy
When: Friday morning
Warnings: tbd
Status: closed/in progress

~+~+~+~ )

[info]hisonething in [info]madisonvalley

All of Pepper's Female Friends*

Guess who suggested we get a house together.

[* if you think you are, you are]

[info]klauss_son_ish in [info]madisonvalley

Well I'm back.

Hold up. I've only been gone 2.5 days? I'm guessing I didn't miss much.

It's been about twelve years for me.

Jun. 23rd, 2022

[info]thunderkitsune in [info]madisonvalley

WHO: Kira Yukimura and OPEN
WHAT: Hanging out with her pokemon
WHEN: Tonight
WHERE: By the gas station
WARNINGS: TBD, probably none
STATUS: Open/Ongoing

~+~+~+~+~+~ )

[info]solvedequations in [info]madisonvalley

You know, while I liked my first year of teaching, it's really nice to be free from it for a few months.

High school kids can be exhausting. No offense to high school kids reading this.

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