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    Friday, December 13th, 2030
    1:26 pm
    Drop Box

    Thursday, December 12th, 2030
    1:38 pm

    Thursday, July 9th, 2015
    11:52 am
    Update, folks.

    So, late last night, "The Dinosaur Situation" was taken care of.

    The toothy gal is now in a holding pen near the edge of town, where she'll be cared for in an environment that makes sure nobody gets hurt.

    ...I still say I'm waiting for King Kong to show next.

    Or maybe Godzilla. Wait, would Godzilla even fit in here? Someone get on this!
    Thursday, August 7th, 2014
    3:40 pm
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    Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
    11:36 am
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    Name: Dan
    AIM: None.
    GChat: IronMaidenBDP.
    Timezone: EST
    CDJ: None yet

    Name: Star-Lord/Peter Quill
    Birthday: Feb. 4, 1984 (32 years old)
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Housing: Random (Not that he'd object to rooming with any random gorgeous woman!)
    Prospective Job: Does Han Solo have a job? Does Indiana Jones have a job? Dammit, he does, doesn't he? Scratch that one. You get the point though.
    SHIELD: He'd help out if asked, but unless something like SWORD comes along, it's doubtful he'd be "official".
    Fandom: Marvel 616/Guardians of The Galaxy
    Medium: Comics
    Canon point: Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3 #10
    Arrival Date: March 20th, 2014
    PB: Chris Pratt


    At once brash, cocky, reckless, sarcastic, brave, calculating, and loyal, Peter Quill is in some ways a contradiction even to himself. Years of taking care of himself alone in space, as well as having to take on unsavory jobs and deal with equally unsavory people have left him jaded to the point of rushing into missions with reckless abandon, confident to the point of cockiness, and snarky enough that most people end up wanting to punch him in the face at some point. Still, once you get past that scruffy, douchey exterior, you'll find a loyal friend, someone who'll risk his life for a friend without even a second thought.

    Peter is most definitely a ladies' man. He's something akin to a mix of Captain Kirk, Tony Stark, and James Bond when it comes to his affinity for women. He also has a deep love and appreciation for Earth shows, movies, and music of the 1970s and 1980s, as they remind him of his childhood.


    When you look up the words "concoluted", or "retcon" on the web? Chances are you'll find something relating to Star-Lord's origin at some point. So, for his basic origins? We're gonna be brief and vague.

    An alien named J'son of Spartax, while stranded on Earth, begins a relationship with a woman named Meredith Quill. He left not long after (because he's an asshole, Peter would likely say), leaving her with two things: one of his guns... and a baby growing inside her. Around Peter's tenth birthday, Meredith is killed by members of the alien Badoon. Peter, enraged, kills the aliens with a shotgun, then finds the gun his father had left behind in his mother's closet before fleeing the house just before the Badoon destroy it. Thinking Peter dead, the other Badoon leave. After being found by the police, who believed Meredith and Peter's home was blown up due to a gas leak, Peter is taken to a hospital where a nurse brings him the gun J'son had left for him, saying it was the only thing that managed to survive the explosion.

    Years later, after embracing his heritage and leaving earth to find his own destiny among the stars, (Because honestly, how he got to space and what the hell he did once he got there is the part that gets so convoluted the writers of Spider-Man would likely give a hearty "WTF?". So seriously. Just shut up and roll with it.) Peter ended up leading a ragtag band of misfit heroes on what was essentially a suicide mission during the Phalanx's attempt to conquer the galaxy. Several of these misfits (Mantis, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon) would later form an official team with Peter after helping to turn the Phalanx back.

    As the four of them were joined by Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and the new Quasar (a woman named Phyla-Vell), they discovered the frozen body of Major Victory, one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy. He joined them as well, and Rocket Raccoon gleefully used that as an opportunity to take the Guardians name for THEIR team.

    Making their headquarters in KnoWhere, which was a floating space station made from the shell of a Celestial's head, the Guardians were helped by Cosmo, a telepathic dog left behind from an old Russian space program, Bug, Moondragon, and the earth hero Jack Flag. The team eventually nearly gave their lives stopping first an insane version of Adam Warlock, then an entire alternate universe called The Cancerverse, where death had been destroyed and nothing could die.

    Now, with a pared-down team consisting of himself, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Groot, and a warrior from heaven called Angela, the team helped Tony Stark stop the Badoon from invading and conquering Earth, before heading back into space.... which was precisely when Peter felt himself being pulled into the Tesseract...
    Due to his half-alien heritage, Peter naturally has strength, speed, endurance, endurance, agility and brain power that would be considered the absolute peak of what most humans are capable of. He also ages at a far decelerated rate, as, while he's not sure how long of a lifespan he has, he appears to be currently aging at about a third of the rate of an average human.

    Star-Lord is an excellent pilot, is trained in martial arts, and is a great strategist and tactician. He wears a helmet that has a universal translator, and increases his vision and oxygen intake while in space, as well as an element gun, which is a pistol capable of harnessing and weaponizing any of the four elements.
    "Awww, C'MON!" Peter Quill complained with a grumpy little huff as he landed on his ass in the middle of the lab. Oh, he was used to things like trans-dimensional teleportation and the like by now... but that didn't make it any less annoying when it happened. Especially when it was a complete surprise like this. "Flarkin' HELL that hurt..." He exclaimed, rubbing his rear as he stood up, taking his helmet off as he noticed everyone standing around him, staring. "Well... obviously I'm back on earth again, and judging from the faces and the suits, I'm guessing I'm face to face here with either the Secret Service, SHIELD, or a bunch of Agents from "The Matrix". Guys? Help me a little here? Am I close?" Sigh. Nothing. Yeah, these guys were gonna be a barrel of laughs. Listening to what they had to say, he followed them cautiously, figuring that unless he was in some REALLY strange universe where good was bad.... these guys meant him no harm. "You guys look way too uptight. What say we all go out, fill some strippers thongs full of cash-y goodness, and you catch me me up on what the d'ast is going on?" He waited, realizing then that none of them were going to give him so much as an answer there. "Geez. Tough crowd. Yeah, this place is gonna be loads of fun, I can just tell..."
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