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    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
    10:17 pm
    Name: Loz
    Contact:onehundredvoicess@gmail.com AIM: onehundredvoices YiM: onehundredvoices

    Original name: Jonathon Williams- Mercer
    Tribal name: Swift
    Tribe: Tawa
    Occupation: Clothes Maker and Entertainer

    Age/DOB: 28 07/05/87
    Sexuality: Gay
    Relationship status:In a relationship with Toby
    Family: Adoptive parents Simon and Lyndsay Mercer (Locations unknown)

    Physical description: Swift is a white male who is approx. 5”10’ with a slim build, blond hair and blue eyes. When out of drag he tends to wear a lot blue and black. When he had access to his full drag He’s not been in drag for a while so has grown a little stubble.
    Distinguishing marks:A tattoo of a swift that covers his back and shoulders

    Personality:A bit of a narcissist, brave and a touch fatalistic. He is almost a split personality - as while working as drag queen; Lola Swallows; he is flamboyant, camp and bitchy, but when out of drag he doesn’t feel the need to tap his inner queen - often leaving people pondering his sexuality. Out of drag, he’s quick witted and a touch acerbic; but would hate to deliberately hurt anyone, unless they really deserved it of course.

    Skills and Training: He’s fantastic at making clothes and not averse to stealing if he has to.
    Strengths and weaknesses:
    Personal Strengths: Creative, strong and an expert liar, great designer and creator of clothing.
    Personal Weaknesses: Angry, mistrusting, a bit of a chip on his shoulder about perceived issues about his sexuality, not great at keeping his opinions to himself.
    Items carried:
    A knife.
    History: Jonathon's exact date of birth is not known, as he was placed on the doorstep of Old St Mary’s Church in San Fransisco; on Boxing Day of 1995; and was identified as a couple of days old - so was given a Christmas Eve birth date. He was found clean; with the cord cut, wrapped in a plastic bag, with his first name written on it. His surname was given to him in honour of Father William, the priest who found him. He was left with nothing else and knows he was very lucky not to have died due to the cold. This has left him with a gap, where he feels one of the cornerstones of his life is missing.

    Jonathon was lucky and was adopted quickly by the Mercer family; Simon and Lyndsay; who decided to let him keep the name he was given when he was found - as the only thing his mother had ever given him - simply adding their own surname. He had a flair for the dramatic from very early on, first videoed by his adoring parents dancing to ‘MmmBop’ by Hanson, at the age of two.

    As a kid in school, he loved drama, and maths but struggled with some other subjects; due to the dyslexia he was diagnosed with at seven. He worked hard, with tutors and was doing OK when he hit middle and high school, but had a second struggle when he began to realise his attraction for men. His friendship group was mixed, male and female, as a kid and at the age where teens began to experiment with those closest. He did try out being with girls, as well as boys, but after actually sleeping with a woman at sixteen, he realised he had been thinking about a male friend in order to perform, and realised that he wasn’t bisexual, but quite simply, gay.

    Within a month, he had come out to his friends and family. While most were fine with, and almost unsurprised by, the revelation, a few more bigoted people reacted badly, and he lost a few friends and took some beatings for daring to be openly different. Already naturally shy, when not in character, he withdrew a little more, not sure how to get his confidence back.

    The answer came with his final high school play... Hairspray. He had acted in many school plays, but winning the part of Edna Turnblad, saw his first foray into drag. There he rediscovered himself, his confidence re-emerging and his comic ability truly emerging from behind the female mask. He decided he wanted to try performing when he left school, in spite of his parents protestations, in case nothing came of it. However, they eventually did back him and he dived into his new-found passion for drag, developing his comedic abilities and choosing his very own outrageous name - ‘Lola Swallows’. He had a tattoo put on his back in celebration of his new performing name.

    Jonathan had been on the drag circuit for two years and out for approximately four, shamelessly enjoying his freedom, when he met his partner Paul. Twelve years his senior and very grown up compared to him - working in a finance company - and the first, and as yet last, person he has ever loved. They had been together for a couple of months when Paul laughingly told him the swallow he was so proud of was actually a swift.

    When they had been together for about two years, Paul was offered a job in Oregon and Jonathan had to choose between his career and his parents in San Fransisco or following his partner. He chose Paul with his parents blessing and headed to Oregon .

    When the Pulse hit, the elder partner, Paul was killed in a lift drop, destroying Jonathan's confidence again. He fled their shared home and wandered, deep in depression of the loss of Paul. He wandered into Stone Gap, looking for people to be around as he emerged from his depression, eventually joining the Tawa

    Writing Sample:
    Swift was sewing, for once for himself, or at least for Lola. The dress that he was making had taken him nearly two years to assemble, getting the colours and threads right in this world. He hadn’t been Lola for even longer, and until this dress was done all he had of her was extravagant make up and a pair of size eleven red heels.

    There was no way he was going to be able to get the lashes any more, and he was drawing a blank on wigs, so he might have to construct one from his own hair over time, but good things came to those who wait...slightly gross, but still good.

    Character Journal:[info]_swift
    Play by: Jessie Spencer
    Anything else?:
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