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Application for [info]btvsal [Jul. 4th, 2013|06:36 pm]
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Character Information-
Full Name: Denise Jennifer Jan Vass
Nickname(s): Deni by her brothers
Age: 17
Occupation / School Grade: Senior in high school
Species: Mutant
Type: Chaotic Neutral (w/ some evil tendencies)


- Electronics – Electronics are so much easier for Denise to understand than people. Even if she didn’t have her abilities, this would be the same for her. Computers are her personal favorite, but she can deal with anything from a cell phone to an ATM to likely a nuclear missile if she ever got her hands on one. No one should really let her get her hands on one.

- Eidetic Memory – If Denise deems something worth remembering, she’ll likely remember it forever and a day. She remembers facts, name, faces, and numbers with ease, as long as she considers them worthy.

- Intelligent – Denise has an IQ somewhere in the genius range.

- Superiority Complex – Frankly, Denise thinks that she’s better than most people. It’s why it was so easy for her to bankrupt a small town in the Midwest without a second thought. She thinks that she’s above the human population, for the most part.

- Curiosity – It’s rare that something catches her attention outside of her electronics, but, when it does, she’ll pursue it to the ends of the earth in order to take it apart and understand it.

- Paranoid – Because she got caught, she now assumes that she’s being watched by the people at the Institute to make sure that she doesn’t screw up. She happens to be right, but that doesn’t make her any less paranoid.
Description: The great thing about being poor growing up is that you learn to make do with less. Denise is perfectly fine wearing thrifted pieces that she finds and likes from different shops. Designer labels weren’t ever what she coveted, anyway. She wears her long, wavy reddish brown hair pulled back when she is working on a computer (which is normally the case), although she can be convinced to wash and comb it on occasion as well. Her defining feature is her big blue eyes and pouty lips, although she usually uses those eyes to glare at people. She’s a touch on the too-thin side, but it’s more from forgetting to eat rather than anything on purpose.
PB: Fiona Apple (from her ‘Criminal’ days, specifically)

Likes: Computers, money, comfort

Dislikes: People (for the most part), being poor
Fears: Getting caught again, being kept away from electronic devices
Powers, abilities or skills: Technopathic - Denise has the ability to literally go into electronics with her mind and command them to do her bidding. Her power of technopathy seems to work with or without contact with electronics. She has been able to access the technology of broken items as well as working items. She describes her power as talking to machines. She can identify even the slightest signals in technology and uses electronics around him for tracking purposes.
Religion: The religion of self, if anything.
Orientation: Bisexual, although she would have to tolerate the person to get intimate with them, and that’s a rare thing.
Status: Single

Personality: Denise may come off as quiet, but really, she’s usually plotting something or another. She admits to liking to watch people flail about a bit in their daily lives, although she’s rarely truly malicious in intent. Most of the time, anyway. She doesn’t open up to anyone easily, and is likely to simply stare at a person rather than talk to them or answer their questions.

Denise has a naturally bitter, prickly personality. She’s not terribly good with people and sees no reason why she should be. Someone would want to have to get to know her to even have a chance. Most passing encounters are likely to fail.

Birth Date: Dec. 24th
Birth Place: Virginia City, Montana
Family: Mother, father, two brothers, one sister

Brief History: For all intensive purposes, Denise had a nice upbringing in a normal family with two brothers and a sister. However, at least in her eyes, she grew up poor. She'd had to save for years from odd jobs and babysitting gigs to get her computer when she was sixteen, a refurbished one at that. Still, she'd known from an early age that she could 'talk' to electronics, and had been very happy when she had gotten what she had gotten. It didn't take her long to get into trouble, though. She was tired of having to work like a dog just to get the little bit of money that she had, when others had so much more that they weren't doing anything with.

It didn't take her long to figure out how to get into other people's bank accounts and siphon a little bit for herself. With her actual abilities, that was a breeze. What had been a little bit more of a challenge (and thus infinitely more fun), was when she had managed to get into the town's funds. When she was finally caught, she wouldn't admit to any wrongdoing, much less tell where she had put the money, and it was only the intervention of one Daniel Loehr that kept her from being sent to jail over it. He simply thought that she was a bit misguided and needed a stronger moral influence in her life, plus a way to channel her abilities into something good.

Other info: Denise has several million dollars hidden away in overseas accounts, although she’s not stupid enough to access them right now. She knows that, despite her abilities to get around most anything, she’s being watched and monitored. She knows that she got lucky that Loehr had heard about her situation and came to get her, and she’s not going to screw herself right back into jail so easily.

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