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3/28/23 12:24 pm - [info]morethanstories posting in [info]valloic

Carol, Emmeline, Natasha, Marlene & Marley
WHAT: Saying goodbye to their home.
WHERE: The Vanvers Residence
WHEN: January 2028
STATUS: Complete

The city is a lost cause at this point, Carol. We have to re-direct our support to other areas.
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3/28/23 10:29 am - [info]vampirebarbie posting in [info]valloic - JOURNAL POST 2033 ⇆ 2023

Hello from 2033.
I know there are some anxious people on your end wondering what's been going on - everyone who decided to travel forward with Caleb and Essek have arrived safely and are now situated with us.

As you can see we are able to communicate across the timelines at the moment using the journals some of us managed to keep over the years. If you'd like to check in with your friends and family who travelled feel free to use this entry to do so.

While the journals will be usable for the next while here we are asking for everyone to refrain from spamming too much. All magic usage is a risk, this included. We are also asking that no one mentions any specifics to the plan, the journals on our end will not leave our safe zone, but should we be ambushed here we do not want any details falling into the wrong hands. As well please keep in mind our journal stock is limited and we are all sharing only a handful, your conversations may be viewed by others.

If someone can give me a quick "hey I see this" that would be great. We are fairly confident this should work but let us know for sure.

(( note: timeline wise today this will be written once everyone is back at the outpost and has had enough time to get sorted, so late afternoon/early eveningish ))

3/28/23 12:25 pm - [info]firstone posting in [info]valloic - Future Log: Catradora

Catra & Adora
WHAT: The girls come to an agreement on a particular aspect of their future
WHERE: Darla
WHEN: Early 2030
WARNINGS: Sadness, crying, dark thoughts, grieving (in a way)
STATUS: Complete

“I love you. I want the twins, too, you know I do. But this isn’t the time or the place. And realizing that, making that decision, makes you a great parent, Catra. We’re making the best choice we can for them, even though it means not having them.”
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3/28/23 09:09 am - [info]surit posting in [info]valloic

Tennal Halkana & Surit Yeni
WHAT: After reliving the day that Tennal was thralled, Surit and Tennal reunite and discuss what it's like to still be synced.
WHERE: Battle of the Quarry, 2029 & The Outpost, 2033
WHEN: Tuesday evening, 2033
WARNINGS: Some (off screen/implied) violence
STATUS: Complete

"But I hate to tell you, there's zero chance this won't be awkward."
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3/28/23 12:02 pm - [info]screwthat posting in [info]valloic - 2023

Texts: Eddie Munson
— hey
— you ever had the urge to learn how to shoot something?

3/28/23 10:40 am - [info]magicat posting in [info]valloic - FUTURE LOG: keith & catra

Keith & Catra
WHAT: Keith confronts Catra after some time of silence, and they talk about Kosmo and Melog
WHERE: Darla
WHEN: 2029, a few weeks after Catra gets her prosthetic arm
WARNINGS: It's the Mauled by Melog Club guys
STATUS: Complete

“You’re the only one that gets how it feels to lose someone like Kosmo,” his voice was unsteady, full of emotion. He paused and took a deep breath, steadying himself. “So don’t be sorry about what happened. Just fucking hug me because this sucks.
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3/28/23 10:52 am - [info]alittleedgy posting in [info]valloic - 2023 Network Post

Does anyone else just really, really hate being here with no idea how things are going in the future?

3/28/23 10:40 am - [info]notdick posting in [info]valloic - Future Log: Ronan & Gansey

Future!Ronan Lynch & Past!Gansey
WHAT. Gansey visits a friend and brings gifts. (+ Nora Lynch appearance)
WHERE. The Barns
WHEN.After his arrival and after talking to Blue.
WARNINGS. SAD. Swearing (it’s Ronan), talks of death, survivor’s guilt, struggling. Crying, hugs.
STATUS. Complete!
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3/28/23 11:35 am - [info]treeswallow posting in [info]valloic - FUTURE LOG: Blue & Gansey

Future Blue & Past Gansey
WHAT: Blue and Gansey have their reunion after the arrival battle. It's been a hard 6 years
WHERE: Blue's room, The Outpost
WHEN: After the arrival battle, 2033
WARNINGS: Death talk, some injury talk, general future sads
STATUS: Complete

"Toga party was just two weeks ago, and you look just as good in thigh holsters as you do a plain white sheet, might I add?"
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3/28/23 10:27 am - [info]ninaproject posting in [info]valloic - FUTURE LOG: present katou & eleven

Katou & El
WHAT: Present Katou finds Future El, and there are EMOTIONS
WHERE: The Outpost
WHEN: March 28th, 2033
WARNINGS: Future Vallo Typical Talks, death and all that
STATUS: Complete

"Hey, Waffles."
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3/28/23 11:05 am - [info]succubusbarbie posting in [info]valloic - Future Log: Bo & Kenzi

Past Bo & Future Kenzi
WHAT: Reunited after the arrival battle
WHERE: The Outpost
WHEN: Later today, 2033
WARNINGS: Mentions of death, feeeeels
STATUS: Complete

“I don’t know what happened”–and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know–“but I know the last thing I would’ve ever wanted was to leave you.”
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3/28/23 11:49 am - [info]ofdestiny posting in [info]valloic

Evie Frye-Lance & Sara Lance
A few hours after arrival | Evie's bunker

You stepped into that on purpose.
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3/28/23 10:33 am - [info]blondehellion posting in [info]valloic - Future Log: Sam & Carol

Sam & Carol
WHAT: Caps reunion
WHERE: The Outpost
WHEN: Later today, 2033
WARNINGS: Sad feels, mention of death
STATUS: Complete

“It was never supposed to be you.”
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3/28/23 10:37 am - [info]mediumspoon posting in [info]valloic - FUTURE LOG: Dorian & Orym

Future Dorian & Past Orym
WHAT: Like many, Dorian reunites with Orym, and explains his Thrall past and current(ish) marriage
WHERE: The Outpost
WHEN: After the arrival battle, 2033
WARNINGS: None, just sads
STATUS: Complete

Dread filled Orym as he did the math, his breath coming just a bit quicker as the realization set in. "I hurt you, didn't I?"
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3/28/23 08:47 am - [info]emperorhulkling posting in [info]valloic - Log: Billy & Teddy

WHO: Billy and Teddy
WHAT: Before Billy heads to the future, he and Teddy make several promises to each other.
WHEN: Late morning of March 28, 2023
WHERE: Their apartment
WARNINGS: None, really!
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3/28/23 07:43 am - [info]whoareyu posting in [info]valloic - 2033 Network Post

Hey folks, welcome to the shitty future you're hoping to avoid for yourselves. Thanks for coming.

When you came from, the network is for fun. Here, it's the primary communication medium for a resistance that's scrambling to survive, and it's under constant attack and held together with paperclips and hope. This means:
  • Don't try to run a bunch of data across it unless you need to. Keep your comms to text as much as possible.
  • SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT. You'll notice the passphrase requirements are stricter than on the network you came from. That's because Murderbot got hacked/enthralled and he can bruteforce your oh-so-clever "password1" in about two seconds without even having to know you'd pick a password that dumb in the first place.
  • Smash your device to pieces before you let it fall into the hands of the enemy.

3/28/23 02:46 am - [info]shapeofabsence posting in [info]valloic - Future Narrative: Edwin Lantsov

Edwin Lantsov
WHAT: Edwin says goodbye to Sutton Cottage and maybe possibly attracts some unwanted attention while doing it
WHERE: Sutton Cottage
WHEN: The morning of March 28, 2033
WARNINGS: Some mild passively suicidal thoughts (along the lines of going down with the ship), some mild sexual allusions
STATUS: Complete

If he couldn’t have Sutton Cottage, if he couldn’t have Penhallic Library, then neither could Interitus.
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3/27/23 08:11 pm - [info]veggiehater posting in [info]valloic - Future Log: Prompto & Noctis

Prompto Caelum & Noctis Lucis Caelum
WHAT. Noct wallows in his failure to save Gladio using his magic ring, Prompto patches him up
WHERE. the Outpost
WHEN. Sometime after October 2029
WARNINGS. blood/injury
STATUS. status
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3/27/23 07:00 pm - [info]themage posting in [info]valloic

» Stop selling drugs.
» Do you know where we can get tiny but powerful weapons for Steve to take to the future with him? I was thinking bombs.

3/27/23 05:31 pm - [info]shitticket posting in [info]valloic

Hey fuckheads. I need my Marty McFly vest, where they fuck is it?
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