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    Saturday, July 24th, 2032
    6:08 pm

    Thursday, March 25th, 2021
    10:09 pm
    Freedomtown Bio:

    Name: Marissa Annabeth Viskan
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Sexuality Pansexual

    Born in Pittsburgh to two professional wrestlers (BDP and LeeAnn Viskan), Marissa befriended Karla Jeffries and Morgan Payne at a young age, and the two quickly became de facto sisters to the girl, with her parents becoming practically second parents to the Karla and Morgan. While the three were inseparable, Marissa otherwise mostly kept to herself, never really showing any interest in friends, dating, sex, or anything outside of training to be like her parents.

    Becoming known as an 'ice queen' by most people, Marissa's cold, darkly humorous demeanor was almost exactly like her mother's. It was no surprise to most people when Marissa became a witch, the same as LeeAnn.

    Marissa began training for the only career she ever wanted when she was only 12. While LeeAnn taught her the art of submission wrestling most of her life, Marissa also had her aunt Amber, an MMA specialist, teaching her to be a super-efficient striker. When she turned 18, she began taking independent wrestling jobs, as well as competing in legit MMA bouts. At 22, she joined both of her parents, as well as Karla and Morgan, in joining the re-tooled NFW. After her father retired shortly before her 23th birthday, Marissa joined LeeAnn and Karla in joining Judas Lasher's DPW promotion, becoming a faction known as The Coven, a gimmick inspired by Marissa and LeeAnn's real-life dedication to witchcraft.
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