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[Jan. 27th, 2019|08:10 pm]
Polaris: ... And I am not repressed, and I am not self-conscious, and I am not repulsive. I am not afraid to take chances with what people will think of me, and I'm not afraid to be daring. )
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X-factor [Feb. 26th, 2014|09:27 pm]
Get your shopping lists in if you need any supplies of the team variety of course. I have to say it every month. Not going to pick up 18 jumbo bags of gummi worms or your hair products.

I'll be going shopping Friday.

Private to Jean )
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[[0053: X-servers]] [Jan. 5th, 2014|03:10 pm]
The holidays gets everyone a bit off track, but I'm going to be going shopping tomorrow for January supplies. So if you need anything let me know.

Alex )
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X-servers [Nov. 24th, 2013|05:20 pm]
Any wishlist items for Thanksgiving? It's the only time of year I'm agreeing to try to make most anything. FYI, Scott, Jean, and Rachel will be here, so Nemesis lock the lab. There will be a small being toddling around that is attracted to shiny objects and loud noises.

And yes, you can hide in there if you want. I'm nice enough to leave the pumpkin pie out the door for you.
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[[0051: X-servers]] [Oct. 20th, 2013|03:17 pm]
So one of my favorite holidays is coming up. Who wants to go on a haunted house crawl? I have a few places.

Also, how on earth was there Christmas decorations mixed in with Halloween ones in the attic?
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[[0050: X-servers]] [Sep. 8th, 2013|07:57 pm]
Cut for image open to all on X-servers )
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[[0049: X-servers]] [May. 19th, 2013|01:20 pm]
The exterminator didn't find anything. We showed him Monet's shoe. He thinks some animal got in and then got out again when we were paying attention.
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X-servers [May. 4th, 2013|07:34 pm]
Nemesis has had the door shut for three days. Should we be frightened?

I'm choosing to be frightened.

Anyway, guys, I received an email from Pepper Potts. She's invited the team to Malibu for a weekend of our choosing. I told her we'd discuss it.
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[[oo47: X-servers]] [Apr. 20th, 2013|06:33 pm]
[[OOC: Let's pretend this was a couple of weeks ago, and that I don't suck.

Alex )
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[[oo46: X-servers]] [Apr. 4th, 2013|04:12 pm]
Scott, Alex, Jean )

Question for the ages. Is there such a thing as too many s'mores? I think not.
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[0045: X-servers] [Feb. 23rd, 2013|02:34 pm]
Can we not leave less than a swallow of milk in the carton and put it back in the fridge? I know. First world problems and all that stuff.

In other news Italy and Capri are pretty awesome. I got to see the Grotta Azzurra. It's now marked off my list of awesome geological formations and phenomenon.
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X-servers [Jan. 25th, 2013|11:51 pm]
Scott, Jean, Alex )

Jean )

X-factor )
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[Dec. 25th, 2012|10:42 pm]
I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow.

Who needs what?

Merry Christmas.
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[0042: X-factor] [Aug. 5th, 2012|12:06 pm]
Alex )

Also, is it just me or is our HQ starting to look more and more like a factory making micro chips and computer parts these days?
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[0041: X-servers] [Jun. 3rd, 2012|05:10 pm]
[OOC: Backdated to June 1.]

Alex )
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[0040: x-servers] [Apr. 26th, 2012|09:17 pm]
Lorna, Alex, Alison, Jamie. )
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{0039: X-servers} [Apr. 23rd, 2012|09:15 pm]
I'd sooner move to Genosha Mars than register.

X-factor )
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[0038: X-servers] [Apr. 18th, 2012|08:44 pm]
Jamie )
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[0037: X-servers] [Mar. 26th, 2012|09:49 pm]
Private )

Alex )

I think I'm going to spend the day angry baking. What kind of pie do you want?
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[oo36:X-servers] [Feb. 4th, 2012|06:41 pm]
Food coloring is amazing.

And it helps cheer me up.

Here be pancakes )

Also, when was the last time anyone heard from Alison?

Like, I know we all have our own lives, but I haven't seen her in a few days.
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[oo35: X-servers] [Dec. 7th, 2011|09:25 pm]
Someone mark this date. For the first time ever Lorna Dane has finished her Christmas shopping with time to spare.

If I catch my teammates snooping, you'll hurt my feelings.

I'm hoping the thought of me looking heartbroken is enough of a deterrent.
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[0034:X-servers] [Nov. 17th, 2011|08:10 pm]
|Official X-People|
So it's been a couple days now. and I'm done biting my tongue so I don't seem horrible Is there any confirmation on whether or not the assassin destroyed the prototype and the accompanying research?

Because, we need to talk about that.
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[0033: X-servers] [Nov. 10th, 2011|08:07 pm]
Jamie there's a dupe that was hanging out in the kitchen. You are not allowed to reabsorb him. He is awesome.

This is what we did!

Pictures )
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[0032:X-servers] [Nov. 6th, 2011|03:39 pm]
Alright. I'm going to go see my mom and dad for a couple of days this week.

I'll have the phone.
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[0031: X-Factor] [Oct. 23rd, 2011|10:23 am]
I say we go in our Scooby Doo costumes and scope out Stark's place.

I'm super curious.
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[0030: X-servers] [Jul. 6th, 2011|02:43 am]
X-factor )
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[0029: X-servers] [Jun. 3rd, 2011|11:55 pm]
I'm putting an end to watching, reading, and listening to news when I'm in the room guys.

On top of Creed, Browning, and every other bigot not shutting the hell up... if I hear one more steeped in privilege statement about our perceived persecution, alleged injustices, devious soullessness, or whatever the hell they're spouting, I'm going scream.

Also, CNN, we gave the MLF leadership to the authorities.
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[May. 3rd, 2011|03:28 pm]
Alex )
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[Apr. 28th, 2011|03:11 pm]
Private to Jamie )
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[0026: X-servers] [Feb. 3rd, 2011|12:03 pm]
Short Circuit, Heathers, or the Karate Kid? I can't decide.

X-people )
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[0025: x-servers] [Dec. 1st, 2010|11:58 am]
Must make shopping list.

How'd I let this just sit for so long.

Anyone know what you're supposed to get long lost siblings for christmas?
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[Nov. 17th, 2010|10:40 pm]
Alex and Jamie )
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[0024: X-servers] [Jul. 27th, 2010|08:34 pm]
Jean )
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[0023: x-servers] [May. 31st, 2010|04:59 pm]
So I don't understand how it can be warmer in Chicago than it is back home in San Fransisco.

X-Factor )
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[0022: X-servers] [Apr. 17th, 2010|11:30 pm]
I'm beginning to think Con Air is my ultimate guilty pleasure movie.

X-Factor )
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[0021: X-servers] [Mar. 24th, 2010|04:15 pm]
X-factor )

Alex )
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[0020: X-Factor] [Feb. 10th, 2010|08:39 pm]
So, let me get this straight. No one's been able to touch a hair on that silver alien's chinny chin chin, but he's only the welcoming party?

I need to call my parents. My mom and dad have been on me about what's wrong with me lately, and I just need to clear the air.
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[0019: X-servers] [Jan. 24th, 2010|03:15 pm]
Vanessa, Kevin! I have dates for the housebuilding. You guys good with the weekend of nineteenth of February?

Hammering a lot of things seems like it would be good stress relief right about now.
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[0018: X-servers] [Jan. 10th, 2010|05:31 pm]
Now, I can barely put together an entertainment stand following the directions, but Habitat is building some homes in Bayview. Who wants to go with me?
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[0017: X-servers] [Jan. 2nd, 2010|09:26 am]
Scott and Jean )

X-Factor )
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[0016: X-server] [Dec. 25th, 2009|08:44 pm]
I hope everyone had a good holiday. I know we did, seeing as I helped cook and nothing was burned.

Guido, thanks a ton for the recipes. I'm not Kevin in the kitchen, but I can follow a recipe. Next year you'll have to come see us! Or you know, sooner. Sooner is better.

Private )

Kevin )
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[Dec. 8th, 2009|06:02 pm]
Scott )
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[0014: X-servers] [Nov. 19th, 2009|06:31 pm]
Private )

X-Factor )
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[0013: X-servers] [Nov. 16th, 2009|06:45 pm]
X-Factor )
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[0012: X-Servers] [Nov. 4th, 2009|07:47 pm]
Alex )

Our kitchen looks like sugar heaven.

OOC: As always this typed and then deleted.
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[Oct. 18th, 2009|09:54 pm]
Alright so camping was fun, and I don't even feel the urge to hit the gym until I die from all the s'mores. It must have been all that hiking.

Why is it I always forget Val Kilmer is in Top Gun until I see him with those ridiculous cool guy tips?
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[0010: X-servers: backdated to yesteray] [Oct. 16th, 2009|04:10 pm]
So, X-Factor, exactly how many s'mores can you eat?

Remember I make super s'mores, double everything. I need to know if I need to make a quick store run.
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backdated to lastnight [Sep. 17th, 2009|06:18 pm]
X-factor )

[OOC: Mel! Hope that's alright. I'm assuming Lorna brought her straight back to base made the bed, fixed her up, and gave her PJs. :) You know... bring home like a sick puppy. If it's not, I can edit or delete.]
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[0008: X-servers [Jun. 29th, 2009|07:21 pm]
Number one rule now on Lorna's never to do list? No matter how much you can't sleep, do NOT watch The Core.

X-Factor/X-corp )
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[0007: X-servers] [Jun. 15th, 2009|08:50 pm]
The Mysterious Lives of Caves had no less than five factual errors in it. A couple were just dated information, but the rest was just misinformation. Clearly this needs to be rectified. I should lodge a complaint.

X-Factor/X-corps )
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