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Character: Frank Rook
Residence: The Neighbourhood
Employment: Military

Player name: D
Timezone: GMT
Public contact information: Here (screened comments) or

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People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. )

Frank ROOK
Si vis pacem
Para bellum
Lieutenant Colonel
Frank Rook
NAME Frank Rook
AGE 42
DOB20 September

HEIGHT 5’11"
BUILD Muscular
HAIR Short, dark

Frank is aloof. He’s not unusually tall, but he holds himself like the military man he is. He is solidly built, and doesn’t really hide it, so he can look a little imposing, especially with is shaven hair and his broken nose.

Talking to Frank, though, he is softly spoken. Despite years in the military he’s never really been able to shake his Queens accent. It does rather destroy the image you might first get of him when he speaks. He’s calm and attentive and a little serious. ABILITIES & SKILLS
Military Training
Most of his life in the military has given him all of the army-related skills
Puppy Care
Frank loves dogs. If you hurt a dog he will come for you. He rescues pits.
Was an amateur boxer in his youth and then again through the military.
Information blurb
Frank would never call himself a hero. His service, in his opinion, has almost solidly been about redemption. About making up for the mistakes he made as a kid- a kid who should have known better. Who was, for the most part, old enough to know better.

He is the middle child of four, and the only boy. And Frank didn’t particularly care for that. His parents weren’t particularly rich, but none of them were ever left wanting for things. Still, perhaps it was the lack of an outlet for all his boyish energy that gave Frank more problems than not.

But he doesn’t really want to talk about that. He really doesn’t.

Frank was eighteen when he joined the marine corp. It was the best thing he could have done. It was the only thing he could have done. And it made him. It changed him. It shaped Frank into the man he had to be. He learnt quickly, he had a lot of energy, and he grew up from the scrawny little shit he had been in Queens into a man. Made of solid muscle and determination. He was good at following orders, he was good at tactics, he was meticulous. Frank was a good soldier.

Frank was never one to fall in love. He was never one for feelings. He cared for his brothers and sisters in his regiment. He would have died for them. And sometimes they’d end up in each other’s beds. Nothing serious. It couldn’t be serious. They could die at any time. Nothing serious.

He earned promotion after promotion. He was decorated. Frank was making his family proud. It was all he ever wanted, deep down.

Frank is a good man. He’s an honest man. He works hard. He cares about people, deeply. And wants them to be safe. Everyone. He wants everyone to be safe. Which is impossible, but it doesn’t mean Frank isn’t determined to try.

Another promotion brought him to Repose. It wasn’t his first desk job. He had stopped doing tours a few years before after a lengthy stint in rehab recovering from a head injury. It wasn’t his first desk job, no, but it was certainly different. Different enough to warrant a lengthy training course and more paperwork than he was happy with, filling in non disclosure forms and learning- far too much.

Vampires and werewolves and Area 52. Things that went bump in the night and slept in the day. Things that just bumped. Experiment and science and things that he didn’t want to know about but apparently had to. Because he- he had been chosen. He was heading up the army base that resided next to Area 52. All of that would be his to care for, that town, and all the things that rolled around in it.

Frank didn’t want to believe in the supernatural, but there they were. And once he knew about them, and once he knew about things that could and were done to them, Frank wanted to keep them safe, just like everyone else.

One batch, two batch...

  56% Introverted
  65% Observant
  61% Thinking
  82% Judging
  76% Assertive
STRENGTHS Planning, physical strength, military training
WEAKNESSES , trait, trait
NEUTRAL Trait, trait, trait
Frank takes a lot in. He’s observant, he’s meticulous, he’s a deep thinker. He’s the kind of man who ends up walking for hours because he’s lost in thought. And luckily he has his dogs to keep him company when that happens.

Some people would call him an introvert. They probably wouldn’t be far off. He’s softly spoken in his private time, quiet and thoughtful.
Penny and Dime
Dream Catch Me
MOTHER Martina
FATHER Francis Snr
SISTERS Cristina, Giovanna, Dina, May
OTHER Nephews Tom and Joseph, niece Francesca
SPOUSE Beau Williams


Francis Joseph Rook was born in Queens, New York, on a beautiful fall day in 1976, the middle of five children, and the only boy. His parents, Italian Americans and both practicing Catholics, had high hopes for their son. They wanted him to join the church, but it became clear when Frank reached his teen years that that wasn't going to happen. Frank had a lot of questions about their faith, a lot of opinions and thoughts that conflicted with the doctrine, an anger at what he perceived as injustices on God's part. So they thought hey, perhaps a lawyer? Maybe a doctor?

Frank had other ideas, though. Or really, no ideas whatsoever. He wasn't a happy child, squashed between two older and two younger sisters, disillusioned with the church he had grown up with, and increasingly frightened by his growing 'unnatural' attractions, Frank had too much going on to really care about school. He disliked growing up in such a strongly feminine household, felt uncomfortable surrounded by all of their friends and hobbies, and skipped classes to spend time at his local gym, learning to box and getting into fights with other boys. Fights that started in the gym and eventually began to continue on the streets. Before he was sixteen, Frank had been brought home by the NYPD more times than his parents were ever going to be happy to admit.

The coach at Frank's gym knew that he was capable of greater things and introduced him to a friend serving in the armed forces. Enlisting would give Frank the discipline he needed, as well as introducing him to a more stable, masculine environment than he was used to, and giving him the purpose he had lost with his relationship with the church. Despite the shaky beginning, Frank finally walked out of high school with his diploma and joined the United States Marines Corp.

It was everything he wanted it to be, the sense of belonging and brotherhood he'd struggled to attain before. His 'unnatural' attractions were still very present, but at least they seemed a little sated by being around fit, attractive men constantly. He had everything he wanted, and it wasn't as though anyone was going to ask what he was thinking about alone in his bunk late at night.

Throughout the years brief love affairs came and went, with his fellow soldiers and with civilians, but Frank was focused on his career, proving himself time and again to be a spectacular tactician and ruthless when it came to making hard choices. He rose through the ranks with ease, though his promotion to Lieutenant Commander came with the price of relocation.

Area 52 was not what Frank was expecting when he arrived. For the first time in his career he was downright alarmed at what he was being shown, but he had never questioned his orders before, and he certainly wasn't going to now. Not considering the alternative.

Beautiful Things
Beau Williams
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