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I didn't realize that Bludhaven was the new OK Corral (Midge and Lian 1, 4) [13 Feb 2012|02:42pm]
It had been a nice night. Midge had come to Bludhaven to check out a social work program and had intended to grab some dinner and then head back home. The dinner part had worked out well-enough--the bar she'd found had great burgers--but it was the heading home part that appeared to be evading her.

Why the jackass in the parking lot was taking a shot at her was one of those little things that Midge didn't quite understand, but it sure as hell pissed her off.
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Strangers (Midge and Steven 5, 11) [13 Feb 2012|02:37pm]
Midge'd been drinking. She wasn't drunk, but she'd been drinking. And there was this guy. And she had found an unused lounge in the club, one complete with a plush sectional couch. Probably a VIP room of some sort but this wasn't the kind of night for a VIP type of clientele. And with the drinking and the guy and the couch Midge knew what the state law said about consent but she did not care. He was beautiful. And warm. And his eyes looked as sad as hers and she just couldn't stand the ache anymore. He'd been drinking, too. She tasted tequila when he kissed her.

In the room she gently pushed him onto the couch as she stripped off her shirt. Midge didn't care that she probably sparkled a little bit in the semi-darkness. It didn't matter. He didn't know her name anyway. He wouldn't remember her after this anyway.
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Into the Dark (Midge and Jarrod 5, 9) [13 Feb 2012|02:30pm]
(Note: this scene takes place when Jarrod is of legal age so Midge isn't being skeevy.)

She had thought, briefly, about breaking up with him. It would serve the purpose of ending the relationship and Jarrod could move on. He was younger than she was anyway and he'd easily find someone else to date in short order. She could blame the age difference even, but Midge dismissed that thought. The idea of that made her chest tight and her eyes sting and she knew that if she didn't have him with her in her heart there was no way she could go forward. She could not break up with him and that left her only one option: she was going to have to carry on with him one final night as though nothing was wrong and nothing was changing all the while she knew that the next day she would face down her "father" with a very high likelihood that she was not going to survive.

It was selfish and she knew it, but it didn't stop her from cooking dinner and waiting for him to come over for movie night curled up on her couch.
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[16 Oct 2011|12:47pm]
Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix
Email: capelesswondergirl@gmail.com
AIM (if you have one):
Character Name: Midge Roberts
Character LJ (if applicable): _whitelight_
Physical description (face, build, weight): 5'4", slender build, medium brown hair (blonde when in costume,) eyes shift colors but most often appear to be light brown or light gray.
Age: 21
Birthday: January 1st
PB: (If using one.) Emily Browning
Codename: (if using one) Doll
Abilities: light manipulation including flight, quasi-invisibility, illusion, limited heat generation, limited speed, ability to create total darkness. Trained to use a handgun.
Weaknesses and flaws: General human frailties, guilt-by-association syndrome.
Character location/Home: Variable.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): hopeful hero
Team: (if on one) none at present, would like to join either JLA or Teen Titans eventually
Relatives (living/dead?): Arthur Light (father, alive, still villaning) Martha Roberts (mother, alive)
Backstory: Very simply, Arthur Light assaulted Martha Roberts (aka the hero Doll Girl) and nine months later, Midge was born. Her origin has always been an issue for Midge and she carries around a great amount of misplaced shame for what her biological father did to her mother. This shame has pushed Midge to take up the cape as it were and try to fight for the safety of women, putting predators behind bars and, occasionally, in the ICU.

What are you planning to do with this character? I would like her to join a team so she can do that whole redemption thing.
What do you want to see happen with this character?: Personal redemption.
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