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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

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    So, I love rumors. They are so incredibly delicious. Watch how fast they spread, it's a beautiful thing. And for the record, Rabastan and Amycus are both very pretty, so I don't see any problems there. Not to mention that they're both completely psychotic, which is fun. So what? Share the love people, share the love.

    As for me and Remus, well, we're both very pretty too

    Is this not the funniest thing you've ever heard? I can't stop laughing.

    Also, I, er, may have told James about us. But at least he didn't find out like this, eh?
    Charmed to anyone who thinks the trial was complete horse shit!
    Okay, this is utter crap. That whole thing was a complete joke! That trial was fixed, not question. They didn't even take our eye witness testimony into account! If you're as outraged as I am I say it's time we take a stand!

    As of this moment defense club is taking things to the next level. No more pussyfooting around, we need to find a way to stop something like this from ever happening again. We need every like minded student to band together!

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