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[26 Nov 2023|12:42pm]


Any SNW characters out there? I've been itching to play Jim for ages, and I love this younger version of him. I'd love to see a few familiar faces over at [info]dunwichmod

[26 Nov 2023|04:39am]


nial, liam, zayn, louis, harry, nick jonas, or someone for yblud? i'm willing to join someplace as well!

[25 Nov 2023|04:03pm]


anyone up for some hallmark cliche?

[25 Nov 2023|12:08pm]


looking for a couple of psls for wonder woman who's mostly comic books inspired. reevesverse batman in particular, but i'm open to crossovers as well.

[24 Nov 2023|08:05pm]


Applications for the 1857 spring semester at Saint Sebastien's University are now open!

See the post for details and comment there if interested.

[24 Nov 2023|11:08pm]


Now, mermaids are not as they are in story books. They are dark creatures, in touch with all things mysterious

Looking for a line for my merman based around this quote from the 2003 Peter Pan. Can be set in this universe (would love a Hook!), historical fantasy, OFMD, modern, whatever. Comment here or on my screened journal post to discuss :)

bosas [24 Nov 2023|03:02am]


possibly a long shot, but i’m looking for a coryo/lucy gray line. i’m up for writing either one. please comment below or the screened post in my journal.

[23 Nov 2023|02:47pm]


Looking for a romance between the girl and the young merman who had saved her from drowning as a child. As they grow older, the relationship deepens between the girl from the land and the boy from the sea. Looking for equal parts fluff, angst, and smut. Pining is forever my jam.

I would also love, love, love a courtesan verse for Evie. Sold into service at a high class brothel, she's spent years entertaining all sorts of patrons, never expecting to meet someone that they actually care about. Maybe she has a patron that returns time after time, and although she is reluctant to admit that she has fond feelings for him, eventually does. I am absolutely a sucker for a forbidden romance, and if this doesn't qualify, I don't know what will. I have so many horrible ideas of the hurt I can inflict in this verse, but ultimately, I would love for them to have a happy ending.

Or, I'd also like a slow burn romance with the man that she's made to marry. At first, maybe they're both uncomfortable and aloof, but they find some sort of common ground, which leads to innuendo, and stolen moments, touching, kissing, missed opportunities, and a whole lot of UST.

More ideas heeeeeeerrreeee! )

[09 Nov 2023|05:03pm]


Shot in the dark, but anything for Daisy here? Either Agents Of SHIELD or crossing over into the MCU proper would be wonderful. I'll also take cross fandom, as well.

I would prefer something laid back, as I don't have time like I used to. A PSL is preferred.

Also, no Grant Ward, please and thank you.

[23 Nov 2023|05:32am]


would someone play bieber, zayn malik, liam payne, harry styles, niall, or a jonas brother against ross?

[22 Nov 2023|06:55pm]


[info]ohanamods AU Eddie for some angsty trauma bonding!

[22 Nov 2023|08:20pm]
seeking jon or sandor for sansa. au king/queen in the north, modern, whatever idea you may have! comments screened and screened post in the journal

[22 Nov 2023|05:17am]
check the journal

[22 Nov 2023|05:03am]


i know this is a big long shot, but would anyone be willing to play ryan gosling against michael pitt?

[21 Nov 2023|07:07pm]


looking for a z quinto for miles

[info]paethon [21 Nov 2023|08:15pm]



Trying my luck again because the setup and plot is so good we just need more active people (holidays obviously not withstanding).

- Security guards : They are lacking security. Especially for the stuff they just found or probably will continue to be fine.

- personal want for a cousin just to give it a shot

- willing to plot out lines with antisocial surgeon here, slowly getting soft but not above protocol goshdarnit!!

[21 Nov 2023|02:06pm]
check the journal

[21 Nov 2023|04:41pm]


super long shot, but is anyone interested in jesse pinkman (breaking bad) for a long-term psl (or possibly joining a game)? hit me. excuse the journal; it's a work in progress. i'm open for het or slash. (note that m/m will take a little bit of finesse/be a more slow burn line for romantic involvement as he doesn't have any romantic experience with men, and limited sexual experience with men.

[21 Nov 2023|06:37am]


looking for a zac efron for something specific

[20 Nov 2023|06:10pm]


Anyone want a Chrissy Cunningham? πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

[20 Nov 2023|11:55am]


can I get something for this guy for his birthday?

[19 Nov 2023|10:50pm]


I'm looking for a fandom line. My characters and a few rough ideas are here. Usual suspects for the most part, Marvel (AU of some variety mostly preferred), etc, but a few others mixed in.

Alternatively, I've been doing a Sons of Anarchy re-watch. I'd love to play a (slightly lighter) variation, maybe OCs; I have a few OC scenario/base ideas that could be discussed for someone in the club/someone not pairing. (I am a fade to black player, and crow eaters aren't appealing to me.) I'm thinking either an overall AU of what if Tara had stayed instead of going off to become a doctor, something really different with Lyla, or playing around with a number of S3/S4 points. There's several spots where one little change really could've set everything on a different path. Who I'd be willing to play would depend on the line idea, if canon. (I don't have anything concrete with the AU ideas, it's more a desire to brainstorm with someone and see what we both may like.)

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